Damyean Dotson to Knicks

Good chance to make that roster. They need guards.




You aren’t kidding.

Dot should stick in the NBA as long as he can keep hitting 3’s. Needs to get acclimated to NBA defenses, but he has the potential to be a solid 3&D guy.




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How do you guys feel about cheering for Dotson? I’m a UH Basketball fan and I’ve supported him ever since he got here, but just today, I decided to read that police report regarding what happened that got him kicked out of Oregon and it was incredibly jarring and horrible what he and the other guys did to that girl. It got thrown out for lack of evidence because of some conflicting statements by the victim, but literally everyone agrees that it happened. Anyone else who read the police report feel the same way? Makes me incredibly uneasy to be proud of and support the guy anymore.

Perhaps that is why he used the word maturity when replying to the questions. While he was at UH, were there any reports of anything he did that wouldn’t make you proud and supportive of him? Now that he is in the NBA, where players have had numerous reports of inappropriate behavior, his level of maturity will likely be revealed. UH has a history of providing a second chance, not just in athletics, and hopefully this will be another successful example of that.

I looked at all that stuff when we announced the transfer, and I came to a different conclusion.
And what shocks me about your statement is that you felt just fine when he was playing on our hardwood, but you felt the need for due diligence to support him being on some team 2000 miles away and to speak out against him as he leaves.


I read the report and other articles about the incident when it was announced that he was interested in transferring here. Seemed like a case of buyer’s remorse to me. Her friends and the taxi driver all said that she appeared to go with the players willingly. Also there was her testimony that when she seemed upset, some of the players asked her if she was okay. Then the fact that she spent most of the rest of the day with those players.

However, I am sure Sampson and staff did their due diligence with this situation before they gave Dotson another chance. I am happy he was able to take advantage of the situation and has a shot at a career int he NBA.

Well what really made me read the report was a ton of Knicks fans slamming him on other forums I’ve visited. I knew the transfer was approved by our AD and Sampson and that he wasn’t facing charges and before I saw all the things the Knicks fans were saying about him, that had been enough for me. But now after reading the report in full, it just makes feel uneasy about being proud of him and telling people that this guy is the first basketball player from our school in 15 or so years to be drafted into the nba. I mean hell, he wouldn’t even be a Coog if he hasn’t done those things. I definitely understand the other side tho, I just wanted to know if anyone else felt the way I did. Guess I’m alone here.

I definitely hear what you’re saying. I, too, want anyone that reps our university to be a role model, but life is complicated sometimes.
As a side note one of the reasons I loved Chicken is because of the way he carried himself off of the court and his devotion to UH. I wish all of our players in every sport (and all of our students) had his attitude.

Yeah undoubtedly so. Dot has maintained that he was in the wrong place at the wrong time and he hasn’t been involved in anything similar afterwards at UH which makes me feel much better about the situation.

And yeah Chicken has been wonderful as an ambassador for the program despite underachieving basketball-wise. Also, if Rob were to make the league next year, I would be far more supportive of him. Unfortunately, that seems unlikely but if he can make some big strides, anything’s possible.

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The process that was required to admit Dot was lengthy and arduous from what I understand. In the end, Khator had to sign off and she did after she did a lengthy review. From all accounts, Dot has been a model citizen and a leader both on and off the court during his time at Houston.

And there was an outcry from fans about admitting him. Quite a few raised objection to it as the athletic department has been relatively “clean” for some time. In the end, Dot did what was asked of him, and more, while at Houston and many of those same objectors now support him.

Found it interesting that you used the words NBA and Defense in the same sentence :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I guess the best way to answer your concern is simply to use a cliche.

I realize that this is a cliche, but it is one that is totally applicable and entirely appropriate to your concern:

Hate the sin…but LOVE (and even be proud of)…the SINNER!!!




Coach Sampson comes on around 2:30