Dan Hurley to Lakers?

UCONN fans are kind of like Bama football fans… no pro team to call their own so they’re nuts about UCONN.

U C O N N ……UConn UConn UConn!

The Celtics play like 85 miles away from Storrs, CT.

That’s not far compared to Alabama and the Atlanta Falcons.


Storrs is a sh!thole. There are some great cities in CT, Storrs isn’t one of them.

The best thing about Storrs is that they got a liquor store that has Lone Star.

Is Boston in Connecticut?

UCONN only plays about half their games at Storrs… i saw us beat them in Hartford…

I think that is where most of their fans live or in NYC.

It’s like driving from College Station to Houston or San Antonio to Austin.

I went to the Final Four in Houston in 2023 with UConn in it and a large number of their fans flew in from Boston Logan airport.

I haven’t been to the east coast much but I know for sure most major cities like Boston, NYC, Philadelphia, Washington DC etc are all about 400 miles of each other.

There’s definitely a ton of overlap between UConn fandom and Celtics fandom. And sense Boston to Hartford is less than a two hour drive it makes sense. Reality is that’s just a basketball centric area.

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But that 70 million dollar contract would only be worth like 68 million with the extra taxes!

This is not always everyone’s view though and I think people are pointing out the extra 20m is not all that much considering cost of living and taxes. Personally I would much rather be in Connecticut vs LA. I like the quaint small towns and I can’t stand LA, there’s like 100 other places I’d rather move than there. Sure the weather is nice but that’s about it. I can see why he chose to stay

Last time I was in Connecticut, it seemed like it was just a suburb of NYC. But I was in that part of the state. it was also very expensive.
Also this

I mean if it all came down to comfort and choice, that’s cool for Hurley. Everyone has preferences. But there’s is no real difference in cost of living or taxes between LA and Hartford or New Haven. They are all expensive and the state taxes are virtually the same.

But again at that income level those are annoyances not heavy factors in decisions.

It has been mentioned if you are that rich the taxes do not bother you and neither will the crime, homelessness, filth, smog, waste but the landslides and wild fires are a bonus you cannot escape!

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Wow it’s obviously a real hellscape there

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It’s a very spooky place the TV man says so.


It’s all the filth and waste

Used to love going out there, wife worked in LA 35 years ago, but not the same, will never go back.

At the highest levels there’s a decent difference in state taxes. Roughly 2% but it would equate to around 1.5 mil. Cost of living on the other hand would be massive. Real estate in LA is one of the highest in the country. Storrs on the other hand would be much lower

That assumes he’s living in Stores which then you absolutely would be correct. Of he’s in the Hartford area the difference is much less they are both top 5 cost of living areas.

I think the biggest factor for him staying is that he’s an East Coast guy to the bone. If there was a dictionary picture of ," East Coast Guy" it would be his picture.

Hartford is not even close to a top 5 cost of living area. You can still get a pretty nice home in Hartford for around $500k. In LA that would be a dump. It is absolutely a different standard so really the 70m would be similar to the 50m.