Dana Appreciation Thread

Just wanted to take a second to say what a guy! I’ve never seen so much motivation and determination to make this place great by a coach! If we snag Deretuer(idk how to spell that) It’s just recruits from here on out and we are gonna be stellar! Keep up the work Dana.


were you not around in 2015!!


so far every coach he has chosen worked with him previously. Sorry not trying to break up party but don’t see any WOW moment yet.


There was a “wow moment” in 2015 ?

Uhhh yes when Herman first started and had everyone amped up w his personality and his heavy Marketing of the Football Program that he carried all the way to the Peach Bowl. So yes imo there were several ‘WOW’ moments b4 and during 2015 season. Also most successful season since late 70’s during SWC Champs n Cooton Bowl trips. Maybe you missed it.

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Herman had a top 5 recruiting class in Texas for 2016


The whole 2015 season was a Wow moment ,Herman had the eyes of College Football towards the Houston Cougars.

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The Herman WOW era was over and done within two years. It was nice while it lasted.

Holgersen is building something here that will hopefully last over two years. The impact of his WOW era is yet to be determined, but his attention to detail of hiring a great staff is a good start.

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On board with this, I simply gave opinion to original poster that I didn’t see any Wow moment yet where CDH had done anything to gather National attention. We both agree that 2015 was definitely Wow moment(s) and unfortunately some on here missed it!

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judas Coaching staff did not come close to our current Coaching staff. At this point this is not even comparable. The wins and losses will tell us the “truth”.

I’m for it. Think we’re getting off track from the Wow moment so we don’t have to go back n forth. CTH staff as he took almost everyone w him was able to play in BIG12 Ship n win NY6 Bowl but that’s another story. Again I want him to get best assistants that fits his Coaching style, but we’re going in circles so… #GoCoogs

The main thing Herman did was use Levine’s great junior and senior classes to win games his 2 years here…
In Austin, Judas lost 6 games his first year, and 5 games his second…He had no business even being invited to the Sugar, but Longhorn butt kissing made sure it happened…
Dana’s coaching staff and his recruits and his long term success here will far eclipse anything Herman ever did…A 100 different coaches wouldve won big with the talent we had in 2015…


Not defending Herman or UT but for accuracy they had 4 losses w 1 being Ship gm so 3 during season.

Levine recruited for Sumlin. The HC is the billboard for recruiting, which is why Levine’s tenure as HC didn’t last long. Levine was a recruiting messager for Sumlin, which is why I don’t give Levine more credit than he deserves.


The way too early appreciation thread. I guess it’s better than 3 or 4 Applewhite Appreciation threads after he got fired and accomplished absolutely nothing. So far Dana is doing what he’s supposed to be doing. No wow hires yet, hopefully we snag Deruyter.


This ! ^



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Agree with MrJoshua.

In fact I’m kind of disappointed that he has essentially just re-hied his WVU staff instead of fanning out and getting the best available talent for each open slot.

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Lets see who our DC is going to be?

Exactly!! But WOW WOW WOW. “Alrighty then” as Lebron James would say. :joy::joy: