Dana- radio interview

Hey coogfans Coach Dana was on this morning (04/12) with John and Lance. It’s a roughly 50 min listen. Lots of topics discussed. Good listen. The link contains the entire interview.

Go Coogs.


Nice interview, thanks for posting.

I’m glad he’s our head coach and will be here a while. I got kind of sick of the revolving door. Sounds like he’s got a good handle on all the portal stuff.

Kind of tough on the coaches only having two weeks off all year but I’d trade places with them anytime.


Yes, thanks for posting. I liked the question,” what’s your NIL budget?” :joy:

Just started listening and he admitted what I posted here and was criticized soundly that Tune should not have played in the Grambling game.


Not to mention Tune should not have played in the Army bowl game. A really dumb move by appleboy


50 minutes of fluff.

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Is it worth listening to?

Not really.

So we listen to a coach follows spring practice, after a 12 win season and highly anticipated upcoming season and the only feedback is to criticize his decision from the Grambling game?


all kinds of good stuff, Bandera… just listen to the whole hour… Covers lots of topics…Funny story about having to tell Logan Hall to sit out some plays in practice because we could never block him, and CDH needed to see how the offense did when they had time to execute the play…coach seems very optimistic about the coming year…


This is the first time I had heard about the injury to Garfield Lawrence. By all reports he is a very impressive young DL. We have lots of depth on the DL so any snaps that Lawrence would have gotten this fall would have been of the “get your feet wet” variety rather than meaningful snaps.

Actually Russell, I criticized it at the time. Now he confirms it was a mistake on his part. I took quite a bit of grief for posting it at the time.

There wasn’t much worth mentioning after that.


I don’t doubt it just seems funny that is what you chose to be your focal point…
Knowing a little about this myself would have said he didn’t belong on the field the next couple games but he actually was able to play through it and heal at the same time.

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Did he injure his hammy in the Grambling game?

Was it still bothering him in the Cinci title game?

Tune injured his hammy in the Rice game on a long run the week before.

I thought Tune originally injured it against Tulane.

Originally it was at the North Texas (3 years ago?) game when he was zipping down the sideline and pulled it. Then saw him stretching the hell out of it on the sideline. Where was the trainer?! Never should have done that, just increasing the muscle damage.

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The original pull was during the 2019 season at 5:08 remaining in the N. Texas game on a 58 yard run. He didnt start the next game (Holgorsen did) but finished the season playing on the injured hamstring. Dana adjusted the offense to keep Tune in the pocket but we lost game after game.

Dana got the blame for the poor season and plenty of criticism from many people but the truth is our starting QB, D. King, played poorly the first 4 games (1-3) and got benched or redshirted (you pick). Tune came in and first game pulled his hamstring. We had no QB after that with #1 benched or redshirted and #2 injured. #3 was Holgorsen and we all know that wasn’t going to work thus Tune played injured with a modified and easily defended UH offense.

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You sure like to say I told you so. Well, so what?


lol holy crap dude… :rofl:

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