Dana says Coogs are likely picking up 2 more QBs


  1. Would add more context to Edwards entering transfer portal.

  2. Contrary to popular belief, Coley’s job isn’t guaranteed although he will have an advantage due to already being familiar with the offense.

  3. We may have a 4 man qb battle in Fall Camp between Coley, McMickle and the 2 guys transferring in. Whoever they may be.


I’d put money on one of the transfers being the guy.

As I’ve said, if the coaching staff had faith in Coley’s ability to execute, then they would have given him more pass plays to run whenever they put him in this season.


I hope we find QBs with at least 2 years of eligibility left. None of these one and done grad transfers. We need to develop this offense.


Can’t disagree with this approach. May the best QB win.


Tech’s Donovan Smith may be someone they’re looking at.


Hudson Card


Tech fans would laugh there arses off if we took him, they don’t like him as their QB

TBF, McGuire has really improved things at Tech but his QB handling has been a bit sus.

Is that the guy that beat us? If so, nah fam.

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I’m just reporting what I see, not what I hope will happen.

Truthfully though, that kid could be pretty good. He could also continue to be the king of untimely turnovers. He doesn’t lack talent.

Tech fans look down on us anyway so that would just add more fuel to their disdain of Houston

I don’t think it’s possible to add to their disdain. :laughing:

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I’m getting a little tired of the Texas Tech pipeline.


Not sure why they think they are so above us, guess cause they beat our asses every time we play them



Go Coleyyy!!!


Slovis would definitely be on my short list. But are we on his?


CKS stated in the conference call today that the #1 criteria UH is looking for in a transfer QB is experience. Do they have enough tape for UH to evaluate? #2 is leadership, #3 is grades/maturity. He also stated that more players will enter the portal after the bowl season and after spring practices.

Seems like there a a lot of opportunities for UH to improve its talent level.

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Which is why I don’t agree with going after Hudson Card

We learned our lesson with Kyle Allen