Dane Roy is on his way to Houston

Our new punter from Australia is on his way here. Excited about this young man and his talent.

The day has finally arrived! Flight day is here! Let us pray for many upgrades and no delays. :v:t2::airplane::us::football::paw_prints: #HTownTakeover


I wish him luck on the upgrades – that is a looooonngg flight.

What punter?

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Where ya been, DarthCougar! :relaxed:

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Meant, I didn’t notice a punter… :wink:


lol. is she coming too??:astonished:

Yes she is.

Our last long-distance recruit (Sebastian) worked out pretty great. Good luck to the young couple as they come to the States.

Our Punter clearly out kicked his coverage.


Welcome to H-town, Mr. Roy! Glad to have you join our Cougar family!


lol - got it DarthCougar!

I’d say he drop kicked it through the uprights from 50 yards out. :sunglasses:

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After another 50 yd punt the opposing coach said … damn roy!!!

D.Roy ‏@dRoy 17h17 hours ago Houston, TX
So I made it to Houston! #tdecustadium @ TDECU Stadium https://www.instagram.com/p/BGs4RKBJvQZZ8YUPr7isDvvK06nRoq-mYakJhI0/

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I’d love to see a reoccurring bit like UH did with Seabass’s German lessons.

Maybe ask students what they think various things are like vegemite or just what the definition of various Aussie slang words are.

Where’s the hot chick?

Frenchy’s or do you only go there during football season?

Great plans for Dane

“Making it to the NFL would be plan A, but I want my college degree. That’s the whole reason for going over there.
“I want to get my degree because I want to come back to Australia and get an actual job. I’ve just had a lot of fill-in, bit-part jobs up until now.”

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