Dane Roy

Picked a great team to play on to showcase his talents


Some on here were complaining about Dane’s punting last year. I thought he was fine. He’s obviously kicked it up a notch. Wow, he’s pretty great. Although I hate that I know he is, due to our offensive problems (pun intended).


He’s one of the main reasons we’re still in this game! Great performance so far.


To me he has just been an average punter, until this year. He has been pretty amazing this year.


I’m not sure I agree with you, as his stats are pretty consistent, with this year being a big jump, but stats are a fairly ridiculous way to evaluate a punter.

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Not just in the game. He was doing some killer kicks practicing. 3 footers for Eagle type stuff.

I have nothing but an opinion here, but it seems like the coaches have let him use his talent this year. In other words, letting him kick the crap out of the ball, and not worrying about hang time. I am very uneducated here, but strictly from the viewer’s eye, it seems he is more in his element.



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I don’t understand why more college teams don’t kick at the corners.

Dane will be drafted IMO.


Again, he was under Apple Boy the previous years.


He’s shown that he can execute several different kicks. He does a great job of limiting return opportunities and hitting his spots.

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Section 310 tried to start an MVP chant for Roy. Didn’t take…

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Don’t bring that crap to section 12X.


If I knew what section 12x was I’d be there pregame for smoo with my Dane Roy MVP rally towel


You will get punched in the face.

It’s an old running joke from about ten years ago


Nah. I definitely would not get punched in the face. I’ll stay on the outside of this inside joke tho.

Dane was our best offensive weapon early in the game.

Yeah nobody’s really getting punched


This was a real treat.

Dane Roy, the punter for the Houston Cougars and a native of Australia, discusses his many journeys: to the United States, to college football, to an athletic career as a punter, and so much more. Dane Roy discusses Australian sports culture, his foremost influences in punting, the nuances of the craft of punting, his ideas for onside kicks, his three head coaches at Houston, and some notable developments in the 2019 college football season.

If you love punting, this is your show… but our 45 minutes with Dane Roy cover so much more ground than just punting. You will learn a lot, which is what this podcast always tries to do.