Darion Owens out 2-6 Weeks


Tough blow but Roman Brown looks like he can fill the void. He was amazing vs Rice.


Definitely not good news…

Yeah, but we are going to get real thin at LB quickly.

I would consider moving Egbule to that spot and replacing him with Aneith.

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With the offenses coming up, shouldn’t the defense be in 5 DB sets majority of the time?


Parrish ?! He was highly rated a few years ago.

parish is playing the BUCK LB position now.

Gooden is a good one. Just paying his dues as a true frosh. Won’t be shock if he starts later in the season.

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Looks like Grant Stuard may have moved ahead of Joell Williams. The kickers have flipped and all the wide receivers are listed as OR.

I know Brown made a lot of tackles, but the guy who impressed me was Robinson. It would be great if he came on the way D’Juan Hines did his senior year. Hines was sort of a journeyman in terms of position until he found his spot at ILB and played really well his last year, largely because of his quickness and speed, two assets Robinson has as well as a former QB/safety.


Brown’s lack of quickness regarding recognition is what bothers me. Maybe practice with the first team will awaken him.

Gooden is a hoss. & grant stuard brings so much energy!