Data: the proposed Big 12 will be a Top 3 football conference

See here. And STOP the dang PAC-12 longing.



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Where are all the PAC-12 advocates?

I would slightly prefer PAC-10 because it is arguably more stable, but I’m happy with how everything is shaking out. I’m certainly comforted by these numbers.

So smaller numbers are better…got it.

Grain of salt folks. The Leftover8 numbers for those years are enhanced by having OU on their schedule.


No anchor programs in the Big 12 + less TV money + will not be a “P4” past 2025.

The PAC or the ACC* is still our end game.

*Provided both conferences don’t get raided by the B1G or SEC.

But right now, the new Big 12 is the best tweener conference

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Once we are in the B12, I can’t wait to see us starting threads about poaching PAC12/Big10/SEC schools. Let’s bring back Nebraska, Colorado, and Arkansas!

UH1927, that’s kinda the way I see it coming down now too. Would definitely want PAC as 1st choice and ACC as 2nd choice; but that’s just wishful thinking.

The new Big 12 will be a top 3 BB conference and better at FB than PAC and the ACC except Clemson. With expanded playoff we will feature our best team in every playoff in all likelihood.

“will not be a “P4” past 2025”

Gunna respectfully disagree. The B12 is better than the Pac12 in both football and basketball immediately. I’d prefer it picks up 2 more teams but if there is a “P4” it has to be one.

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Your grandkids will have great grandkids before we’re invited to the ACC.

This conference is going to be a best of all worlds situation for us.

It will immediately be a high standard p5 football conference top to bottom and an elite basketball conference.

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Agree you have BIG football, SEC football, and ACC Basketball as “tier 1 P5” and then after that you have all the other P5 football and basketball conferences of which Big 12 is solidly in that second group for both BB and FB. The new Big 12 with the 4 added would be very solidly P5 with a blue blood in basketball (Kansas) and multiple other sweet 16 style programs. In football would have multiple top 25 type programs. The only thing missing and what will keep away the big $ is no real big bluebloods in football but Big12 would still be VERY solid in football with exception of probably not really having too many true top 10 teams but multiple in the 10-40 range.