Database:salaries of HC at every 5A and 6A school in Texas

What is not being taken into account is that the head football coach is in charge of the entire men’s and sometimes men and women’'s coaching with budgets and scheduling duties. It is not just a teaching job, it is also an administrative job with sometimes hundreds of students involved.


In FBISD the district handles the athletic budgets. I don’t discount the work load of running a football team, booster club etc., but compared to the work load of teaching 140-200 students and also running an athletic team (like all other sports coaches do), the football coaches have it easy and are compensated quite handsomely.

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I don’t know why football coaches would be paid more than basketball or baseball coaches at the high school level (other than competition), but it makes perfect sense to me that coaches would be paid a lot more than teachers who are not coaches. Coaches are required to be gone from home and work after normal hours FAR more than non-coach teachers. I know some non-head coach Texas HS football coaches that put in 80-90 hours a week between coaching, teaching and team travel during football season. It’s insane.

Also, I’m not as up on this as I used to be, but a lot of times the head football coach is also the athletic director responsible for all sports at the school.

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Band directors are probably gone more than any of them, and they deal with budgets, travel arrangements, scheduling and several hundred kids - still aren’t getting paid football money.

I have no idea if that’s true or not, so I’ll take your word for it for the sake of this thread. But we all know salary isn’t based on volume of hours alone. Competition and revenue generation factors in bigly (as Donald Trump might say). The point of my comparison was to distinguish between coaches (or band directors for that matter) and teachers who do not have the same extra-curricular obligations.

Yes, and you used time as the differentiator. I don’t think that’s a direction that will make coaches’ salaries make sense compared to others who also put in long hours, and who do it all year long.