D'Aundre Holmes-Wilfork dismissed from team

Vince Wilfork’s Son D’Aundre Arrested for Codeine Possession

Citing the police report from the incident, the Houston Chronicle’s Dana Guthrie reported authorities in Friendswood, Texas, arrested Holmes-Wilfork on Dec. 21 after they allegedly discovered 381 grams of the substance.


Having been a follower of his twitter account, this does not surprise me in the least.

He never suited up for the Coogs during his time with the program.


I didn’t even know he was on the team.


Red - he got booted from the team quite some time ago. This is a new story about him stealing his dad’s rings.

Vince was still the Texans nose tackle when his day’s with the Coogs ended.

Can you imagine stealing your own Dad’s SB and conference championship rings and selling them for $300K?


He adopted that kid and everything - gave him a good life but didn’t work out


First, they find dope in his apartment.

And then, he goes out and steals a FIRST DEGREE FELONY amount of property.


What a punk.

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I can rationalize stealing a Raiders SB ring because we Raiders fans are hoodlums by nature. But a Patriots ring?

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Addiction is a beotcchhh that has no values or morals other than to get more of their substance and will do anything to succeed

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Stealing such precious things from his own dad? OMG! Boy has a major drug problem!

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Damn! I don’t know which one hurts more — getting robbed by your biological son or your adopted son? Either way, the sense of betrayal is immense!

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The person getting screwed the worst is whoever bought the rings… Ain’t getting their money back and no rings.

Its not that easy. My uncle was an alcoholic. He hocked every piece of camping equipment I owned while I was overseas.

I couldn’t hold him completely responsible because the chemical imperative was so demanding he literally felt like he was dying if he couldn’t get alcohol.

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I’m an alcoholic… I quit drinking because I didn’t like the things it made me do to other people… You have to hold yourself accountable.


Glad we got that loser out of our program

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His tat says “ only the strong survive” ……he’ll be in big boy prison at some point……then he’ll have a chance to prove it.

The outcome that emerged from the case was a result of much self reflection and healing on the defendant’s part and the willingness of his parents to forgive him and show him unconditional love with the sincere hope that he can be rehabilitated and go on to live a happy and productive life,” Holmes-Wilfork’s attorney Mark Aronowitz told the outlet.

You guys are wild