Dave Campbell Football Cover


Caption: see that chick in the fifth row? Did her last night.

I like Kliff, but that’s the best they could do?

It’s amazing what a 7-6 record gets you nowadays. Could you imagine what Tech would get if it won a major bowl game like the Peach Bowl?

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Wow. Just wow. We could win a national championship and I’ll bet they’d still not put us on the cover. lol

The cover should have been wonderfully successful head coach Tom Herman with his star heisman candidate senior Greg Ward, pitiful effort for a recognized magazine, pure haterism

Why couldn’t they keep Baker Mayfield?

The editor, Dave Tepper, said that he went with the Kingsbury cover because he thinks there is a story to tell about the top QB guru in Texas finally having “his guy.” He also wanted to emulate the old Texas cover from I believe 1963 because he loved it so much. Can’t say I agree with that sentiment.

Anyway, saw this and thought this would have been a better idea:

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Does that picture Kingsbury and the qb look a little…well…NTTATWWT…

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lol turrible.

If they weren’t going to give it to us, at least give it to TCU. You might as well put UTEP on the cover if you’re going to put Tech.



Last time UH owned the cover was 1991. Kolb/Case shared cover with several other QBs since then.

I would say this matters to me, but it doesn’t because I don’t subscribe or ever bought this magazine. And if they have a bias against UH then it makes it easier for me to not read this publication. Meh…haters gonna hate. Go Coogs!!


“That’s alright, son. I know you had your heart set on being a Cougar, but we’ll take you at Raiderland.”

Kolb* Come on Mayne!

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Kolb did win a conference championship and have a multi million dollar NFL career as a starter. More than can be said for any recent TT QBs.

This sucks, I was greatly anticipating being on the cover. They really really hate us I guess.

Somebody make a cover and I’ll print it and glue it to my own copy. Matter of fact, I’ll print a bunch and put them in the magazine rack at the stores.

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I’m flabbergasted as to how much angst this is causing some people…who cares…some random mag didn’t want us on their cover…they also didn’t put TCU on there, I wonder if TCU fans are reacting like jilted lovers too… They think this will sell more, then good for them. Who cares what they think. I care what Tom Herman gets done on the field, not what magazine covers he is on…talk about offseason topics…

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The intent was to recreate this iconic cover:

There’s also a high school version of DCTF that recreates same photo.

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