David Gibbs to Missouri

Per Footballscoop, Gibbs is joining as an defensive assistant and his title will be finalized pending his HR background check.


He’s good people all the best.


Good luck to him.


I wish him the best but I think that four-year stint at Texas Tech is going to be an albatross around his neck for future DC positions.

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Not really.

I agree; I’m glad with UH 's decision to go elsewhere. Everyone knows Tech had talent, they just weren’t good statistically or in the eye test.

Gibbs should do OK at Mizzou…Thats a good fit for him.

Gibbs was good for the Coogs, but the thing that never sat right with me with Gibbs was that he didn’t seem to have any ambition to go beyond a DC position.

If I recall correctly he applied/interviewed for the HC position after the season but we hired Herman obviously. Gibbs then asked to stay on but Herman said no.


i guess I missed that one. Only ones I recall were Apple Crumb Cake and Orlando.

Actually Hermroid offered to keep Gibbs but he could not retain any of his assistants to stay on the coaching staff. Gibbs elected to leave. This was a polite way for Hermroid to fire Gibbs and hire Orlando.


If I remember correctly, Herman did asked Gibbs to stay as a DC but Gibbs said no and went to Tech instead. That’s when Herman found Orlando weeks later. Orlando was his last hires for the staff. I might be wrong.

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Gibbs very publicly disputed the claim that Herman offered him the DC job.
I was told that Gibbs did not want to be HC, but he wanted to be DC and was not offered.


Interesting, we all have a little bit of a different take there. Also there are a couple sources saying different things. The good ol politics of football.

He was told he could only keep 1 assistant so he left

Can anyone confirm that he did not want to be a head coach? I would have sworn that he was interested in the head coach position but when it did not happen he wanted to continue as DC.

What ultimately failed Gibbs was that his defenses’ calling-card did not follow him from Houston to Lubbock as he was never able to create takeaways in the same numbers that he did for the Cougars. In the last four years, Tech averaged 21.2 turnovers forced per year, down from the ridiculous 36.5 per year Gibbs forced at Houston. And when his team’s failed to take the ball away from opposing teams, Gibbs could not figure out a way to get his defense off the field.

And the rest of the article gets quite critical really fast.

Overall, a pretty harsh assessment and review.

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Thanks for sharing. A lot of people on here have been critical of him when we discussed having him as our DC again, but it goes to show you how much turnovers can play a role in perception and obviously production. Hopefully our new DC can live up to his advertisement and get us some turnovers.


Turnovers … schmurnovers …

I would have been HAPPY with ANYONE … any LIVE BODY who could have helped us stop the run …

After Memphis’s Darrell Henderson and the 3rd Army Infantry division ran over us UNHINDERED like stampeding cattle … our loosy goosy secondary seemed almost petty …

Good for ole Gibbs … from the AAC to the Big12 to the SEC … the fella either has A LOT of courage … or is a glutton for punishment and will go down in a glory of splender …

And accurate. He benefited from turnover Tuesday, which was a Levine thing, and our Safety duo who had instincts for the ball like a falcon for pigeons.