David Marrs Donates $2M to GVL Development Center

Thank you David Marrs!

From one Lamar Redskin to another!


I remember watching that guy play when I was a kid.

Sounds like the players locker room is getting upgraded


LOVED watching Marrs!!

Will never forget the 1st yr in the SWC (1976). The first game @ Arkansas and getting DESTROYED (lost 92-47).

Not even a week later we beat them at the Hof 72-71. Unbelievable game and I’ll always remember how LOUD it was!!

What a wonderful gift he’s giving!!


We got smashed in Fayetteville and were down by 20 in Houston and came back on the second half. Do you remember the two free throws by freshman George Walker to win the game in Houston? Arkansas had Eddie Sutton as coach and the triplets. Man, Arkansas had a stacked team.

This is not hyperbole - I have never been to a more exciting game or louder crowd at Hofheinz Pavilion.


Pretty amazing.

Thank you Mr. Marrs.


Arkansas went to the 4 corners about 18 minutes too early.

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The 3 loudest crowds I ever heard in Hofheinz were this Arkansas game in 1976, the 1977 Arkansas game, and the 1971 Jacksonville game. This was the Jacksonville team that was coming off a national championship game against UCLA the previous season. The team featured Artis Gilmore and Pembrook Burrows.


Thank you Marrs family!

Better yet he’s a fighting Lamar Redskin. Didn’t know that.

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Thanks for this post. It calls to memory those epic games which i was lucky enough to attend. I confess it was during those games i developed an almost sadistic delight in watching Eddie Sutton "lose his religion " to shamelessly steal a phrase.
I also have a vague memory of some other games that were amazing to attend. There was a game against the Ragin Cagins of ULaLa that comes to mind.
Apologies for thread hijack. Congrats to David Marrs - great news.

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What a great alum. Thanks, Marrs family.

Meanwhile, we’re still waiting on some money from Hakeem, Clyde, etc


Back then, they were known as the University of Southwestern Louisiana (USL), and had the nation’s leading scorer, Dwight “Bo” Lamar. Bo averaged 36 points per game. He started shooting from the parking lot and never took a shot he didn’t think he’d make.


USL and Dwight “Bo” Lamar shot us out of the NCAA tournament in 1973 at The Roundhouse at Wichita State. If you pull up Dwight Lamar’s Wikipedia page, there is a photograph of him playing against the University of Houston.

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Those games back in the day against Jacksonville, SW Louisiana, and Centenary were incredible.

When they would announce the starting lineup for the visiting team and after each player was announced the entire crowd would yell “WHO’S HE”!!!

Then a few years later against Arkansas with the Triplets. Such awesome memories.

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Love me some compressed gas!!