Davis' status is uncertain for Rhode Island

Hope he can play as we need him badly. Otherwise, we need Chicken to get back to playing with fire again.


I think Rhode Island lost one of their top players, also. UH has a chance to build their resume in this 4 game home stand, against Rhode Island and Harvard.

Harvard’s been winning lately which is good for us as we need some quality wins. Need to win though.

Yeah. I think that UH will probably go 4-0. They’re a different beast at home. Is when they go on the road, where it gets iffy against quality competition.

Must have been some kind of cut.

Word is he may be out 2 to 3 weeks as he severed a tendon in his hand. Not good.

Going to need Chicken to step up.


This assumes that Chicken has at some time played with “fire” !!!

Wow. Better to let him rest and get healthy.


Its exactly 3 weeks and a day from when he got hurt until the conference opener. We need him healthy by then no need to rush him back until the hand is 100%

I hope that Davis is well and available. We need him!

A win at home against a team like Rhode Island that spent time in the Top 25 would do WONDERS for our confidence.

I’m also looking forward to some revenge against Harvard. I remember that they kicked our butts last year up in MA, and we need a little payback.

Let’s hope for a 4-0 home stand. EAT 'EM UP COOGS!!!

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So Davis may be back for the Liberty game and Miss only 2 games with that timeframe.

You must have inspired him !!

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CKS said after the game that they are shooting for Davis to return by the Harvard game. He said that they might be able to get him back for Liberty, but Harvard was the goal.


I had seen some cryptic tweets from Davis, but wasn’t sure what they meant. Guess we know. No follow-up from Duarte so not sure on Davis’s status, but I’m guessing he won’t be back for Harvard.

Edit to Add: Just heard the press conference and CKS said that it’s a foot issue and he’s day-to-day. Won’t play Friday vs. Harvard.

Let’s hope he is back in time for the road game at UConn. I know this is not the same UConn team but winning on the road in conference play is never easy so need to be close to full strength for that game.