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I agree. That House v. NCAA lawsuit could open up a HUGE can of worms.

To some extent, I can sympathize with the plaintiffs. Everyone who played before the USSC’s NIL ruling never had a chance to make those big bucks. Over $4 billion is now at stake; and that far outstrips the NCAA’s annual revenues.

I am pretty confident that the trial, regardless of result, won’t end this either. Wouldn’t shock me if this gets appealed way up and takes years to resolve.

That, and this unionization thing…even at schools like Dartmouth where scholarships and NIL aren’t even a factor…gosh, that could ruin EVERYTHING…even Division III which at least attempts to maintain some pretense of amateurism.

This ad comes on every morning during Squawk Box on CNBC

The Universities have been benefiting from this ridiculous system forever.

If you want to promote your university, pay the people who are doing the work. It is really pretty simple.

Lucky you.