DC needs to go!

Bye boi…


Don’t be so harsh. Wait until someone posts the second by second replay showing us how advanced the defensive scheme is.

Unfortunately donofrio has the same no poach contract that applewhite has.

So briles might leave after this year but donofrio will stay.


Dalton Witherspoon is finally in the game.

It’s hard to be aggressive on defense when the offense can’t score. Coach Donofrio is running a solid defense and until the offense carry its weight, hes going to play it the best way to keep the Coogs in the game.

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The only time CMD softened up and played zone was the last drive of game. He’s trying make clock run. If press and give up a quick one, they onside kick. It’s responsible thing to do for team at that juncture of game. CMA doesn’t look like he’s gonna burn clock with a lead…he’s gonna try and score. We were snapping ball with 20 seconds on play clock with 6 mins to go. And fumbled. So…the other team is gonna get ball more and if we are ahead, try and score quick.


27 points. 7 of them after a fumbled punt inside the 10.


They also missed 3 field goals.


And 2 TDs were on blown coverage. A TE release on goaline and a TE seam in red zone. These aren’t complicated things…people need cover their guy. It looked like Egbule on goaline. He just guessed run…but he had pass cover responsibility as well. Can’t guess


The defensive play was poor. I want to see better play before i blame the coach/scheme.


Fire Orlando. 34 points and counting for the Terps.


There were only two things I was disappointed with today defensively, and it was all secondary. First, we could not stop Rice on 3rd and long the entire game. It was so frustrating. Second, I expected a far better game out of Isaiah Johnson. He was a step behind WRs all day and couldn’t get his head turned around. Really thought he would look better than he did against Rice.

As the positives: (1) Ed Oliver (of course); (2) Roman Brown was all over the place making tackles. He was outstanding!

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Actually, if Todd Orlando gets fired expect Herman to go for his old roomate. LSU DC

Don’t think aranada is interested. He tried once already.

What happened to Darrius Owens ? He played the first 3 or 4 series and never showed again.

Number 20 replaced him…he had lead legs !

I also have to conclude that Notre Dame is no good. Watkins supposedly started for them last year and he cannot beat out number 14 ?

Can’t agree with you about number 20. Way too slow.

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Had an unspecified leg injury that kept him out the rest of the game.

Got bad when Egbule started having cramps shortly after…depth isn’t strong at LB.

My problem with the DC is that we were sitting back most of the time letting Rice dictate what was taking place on the field. Rarely did you see our guys come out of their down stance or shift. There was very little disguising of blitzes. Rice knew when we were blitzing and burned us time and time again on 3rd and long.

Yes, we held them to just 3 points in the second half but our defense let them put together some long drives. Rice just happened to miss a 3 FG’s. And while people keep bringing up Orlando, he was a magician at disguising blitzes… Very exotic and lots of motion so the offense never knew what was about to hit them.

Are people really comparing Rice to Maryland? For chrissakes Rice barely beat Prairieview A&M. This is not to take anything away from Rice. It’s a rival game so I expected them to play with a chip on their shoulder. They made a solid coaching hire who runs the Stanford-style offense and their gameplan to keep our offense off the field was executed well in the first half. Run, run, play action. Still, our defensive scheming was poor. This is not about talent. We have some incredible talent on the D line, with one of the best, if not the best tackle in the country.

Did anyone watch the Appalacian State v Penn State game? I couldn’t help notice all the small guys flying all over the field in different directions with disguised blitzes confusing the Penn State quarterback. They almost pulled off the upset. That’s what a good DC can do for a team with less talent.


The corners just need to look for the ball and they could have had some interceptions.


I don’t know anything about speed, but he had 11 tackles and looked to me like he was flying all over the field and had a nose for the football. There was another ILB we had last year that wasn’t terribly fast. His name was Matthew Adams.

Disagree, Adams was really fast !

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