DCTF video: A glimpse into Major Applewhite's first spring as Houston's head coach

The expectations are high in H-town, and fair or not, the new head Cougar has to clear a pretty high bar in his first year in charge.

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I lost respect for these guys when they couldn’t pronounce Renu Khator

That was pretty cringe inducing.

Did he really say, thank God for guys like Tony Levine? #ComeOnMan

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No - He said “you can thank guys like Kevin Sumlin, guys like Tony Levine, guys like Tom Herman for setting the bar” [as high as expected at UH].

It’s a fair statement. I’d say we can thank Tony Levine for proving out that being mediocre will get you fired.

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Tony Levine- great guy. Terrible CEO, average coach. I still can’t forgive him for putting Piland week after week after he wasn’t the answer.

Levine’s issue was not getting his stud QB in on time. Briles had Kolb, Sumlin had Keenum, Herman benefited from having a guy like Ward who proved to be worthy of being a winning QB in college. Had Levine gone with Ward to begin with over O’Korn, Levine might still be the HC. That 13-1 2015 season was just waiting to happen. Levine just didn’t get the chance to capitalize on it, Herman did.


Amen! You said it. Had Tony not been stubborn with O’Korn, and not moved Ward to wr, he may of won more games. Hiring Travis Bush by using Google to check his résumé backfired.

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Crazy thing is Bush was on the same coaching staff as Herman back at Texas State in 2005-2006. Then he worked with Meacham in 2013 but somehow never learned anything to make the offense more productive. But I wonder if the O-line has been the issue for a while at UH. 2014 UH finished 8-5 (5-3 AAC), Ward’s mobility patched a lot of the issues. 2015 UH goes 13-1, team full of seniors and juniors with ton of experience. 2016 UH goes 9-4 (5-3 AAC) Ward’s mobility kept UH in games but O-line could not block to save their lives.