DE Isaiah Chambers seeking transfer

Was a 4 star

UH would certainly be closer to home.

Would be a nice pickup!

Anyone else think he’s considering another school other than us? 247 predicted that TAMU had the second best chances of landing him but College Station is still about 2 hours away from UH. Unless he’s considering Texas Southern or Rice.

I would think we have the best chance of landing him. Austin and A&M aren’t “close to home” and I would imagine if he has to sit out a year anyway, he’d want to play for a team that can win football games. Just a guess though.

He’d have to sit out the year regardless of where he goes because of the transfer. Fits perfect for us if we don’t have a scholarship to give this year.

He has the benefit of seeing how much publicity Ed Oliver is getting from all of the publications and national media. When he was being recruited by Herman, it was a bit of an unknown. Oliver is getting touted as the best player in college now at little ole UH. If we could get him and Bryan Jones makes it in the spring, we could have a very salty line next year.


Obviously Bryan Jones has to get on campus and this guy still has to commit. But… but a line consisting of Ed, Noah Jones, Bryan Jones, Isaiah Chambers and Jerard Carter for 2018 would be incredible


We also have the DT transfer from Miami that will basically be a redshirt senior.

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With all he has been through, I just wish him well and hope his aunt gets well. Sometimes there are more important things than where he plays.


I think we need more DB’s and OL. Though you can never have enough DL.

For those saying A&M isn’t “closer to home” you are comparing A&M to UH not TCU. A&M is much much shorter of a drive to North Houston than from Fort Worth. The kid has apparently had a rough life. Just wish him the best wherever he chooses.

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I think were in his final 5.

Per a close source that graduated with him. The likely hood of him coming to UH is extremely high. McArthur High school is 15 minutes from UH and the medical center is also across the street. It seem probable but even if it doesn’t happen. Wish him all the luck and well wishes to his family.


He went to the same high school as I did, MacArthur, so I have even more hope for him to succeed and would love for that success to come here at UH but first and foremost is his family. Prayers to him and his aunt.

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It’s amazing how a dominant DL makes an average secondary look really stout…


Courtel Jenkins

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