Debbie Ferguson will attempt to run for the Bahamas in the Olympics for the 6th time

Coach Ferguson is going for it again at 40 years old and trying to resurrect the Golden Girls in the 4x100:

Ferguson won Silver in 1996 and Gold in 2000 anchoring the Bahamian team in the 4x100

She finished fifth in the 100 and didn’t make the relay team, but Debbie Ferguson is going to Rio as a coach for the Bahamas track team:

Ferguson-McKenzie Named Olympic Assistant
Cougar coach to help Bahamian track athletes in Rio

“I’m even more excited to go as a coach,” Ferguson-McKenzie said. “I’m getting the chance to give back in a unique way. I know some of the challenges I faced as an athlete, and I get to help some of the present athletes with even the simple things, such as preparation and nerves. That’s important because everybody has prepared for the games physically, but a lot of them forget about the mental aspect, which is just as important.”

“Ultimately, this is good for our entire program,” Ferguson-McKenzie said. “Coach (Leroy) Burrell and Coach (Carl) Lewis will also be there, and now putting myself there puts us on another level. The University of Houston is already on the map, but this gets us to a whole other level which at the end of the day helps us on the track and in recruiting.”

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