December 6, 2015

Memories are the only thing that last.
(On a side note: support Alzheimer’s research, just saying)

Anyway, remember this? :beer::yum:

I guess no one can criticize our Houston Cougars
strength of schedule now!
Think about this 4 game stretch:
UH v Navy: Nationally televised on ABC
UH v Temple: Nationally televised on ABC
UH in Fiesta or Peach Bowl: Nationally premiere bowl game vs highly ranked P5 on new years eve or day
UH in Kickoff Classic: invitation only matchup vs Oklahoma

Only five teams won twelve or more
#1 Clemson: 13-0
#2 Alabama: 12-1
#3 Michigan St: 12-1
#5 Iowa: 12-1
#18 Houston: 12-1
See anything wrong with picture?
Maybe if the vote wasn’t secret they’d have to do it with a straight face.
Still not enough? Five (count Em, 5) 3 (that’s three!) loss teams ranked above 12-1 Houston Cougars.


Good stuff Johnny…I remember thinking then, and then during the first five weeks of the 2016 season, that we were seeing a new era of UH Football…hopefully we can get back to those days


Wife’s phone sent her a memory last night. Was a selfie of us from that game. Good times.


Obligatory shout out to Contemporary Services Corporation forever cementing the legacy on a national scale.


I vividly remember how nice the weather was at the end of that game. Was a great day!

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I’ve worked for CSC before. They really do hire anybody.