TE Devin Miller out of NJ decommitted. This could be a blessing as we were getting very low on scholarships. Maybe this will make room for grabbing a few great ones.

I think this may have been brought up on another thread, but what happens to the scholarship that Tren’Davian Dickson got? Did he ever even enroll? Once he transfers, does his scholarship spot open up for purposes of the 85 total scholarships?

It counts against whatever year he was assigned to, but for 85 total it is now open. So we could give it to Birden who is a walk-on that seems to be on his way to earning a scholarship.

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I don’t see how a player decommitting is a blessing. Last thing you want to see is other commits looking at who is decommitting and they start following the door out. With all this CTH leaving chatter/ uncertainty, i can see more players decommitting down the road.

This guy decommited 2 or 3 months ago. Shouldn’t have an effect on the other recruits. Especially when you think about a guy all the way in NJ. Our Texas recruits probably don’t care.


No impact… he decommited for 1 of 2 reasons:

  1. He’s from Jersey . The required commitment we expect as a program would have impacted his GTL time.
  2. After last weekend, he’s looking at Rutgers, because he wants to play immediately and saw no competion there.
  1. Didn’t want to come to a team that already has a tight end committed. Only 1 can play. (Ties in with #2)

  2. Realized he didn’t want to be so far from home.

And why there’s no impact? Because the staff does not want anyone on the team that is afraid of a little competition.

You probably didn’t know but this is old news. He decommitted over a month ago.

We need another speedy WR who can play the slot, assuming the worst case scenario
for Samples as far as ever playing again.

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Marquez Stevenson is going to be that guy when he is healthy.

We also have a WR from Louisiana committed in the 2017 class named Jeremy Singleton. He has that shiftiness you look for.

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Well, I posted it the moment it showed up on 247. I will also say that Herman’s count on scholarships didn’t reflect the decommitment.

247 is the only site that has had him still listed as a commit even though they would run stories many weeks ago calling him the former UH commit


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