Decommitments are typical in transition

Does anyone know how many commitments we lost during the Levine to Herman transition? Ben Hicks at SMU is one.

Maybe we’ve had more and higher rated commitments this time so four decommitments isn’t a huge outlier (so far).

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So was SMUs running back, though I forget his name.
Decommits are normal. But it doesn’t mean we should try to be proactive. Two hollowed out recruiting classes in three years will begin to take a toll.

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Braeden West

A two-star Rivals and Scout recruit… One of 10 offensive finalists for the Houston Touchdown Club POY Award.

We were already short on bodies going into this season, Herman always complained about it. Another bad class, and we’re going to be in really bad shape.

2 transition classes in 3 years is going to affect the team eventually.

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If CMA can figure out how to win 10 games next year and win the conference, recruiting will pick right back up where it left off. These kids are trying to decide where they’re going to spend the next 4-5 years of their life. I can’t blame them for being a bit put off by the uncertainty surrounding a coaching change. CMA should be given a little bit of leash, but he has the chance to really prove he was the right guy by winning the conference and going to a NY6 bowl next year.

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We, like just about every other school in the country, have decommitments every year, whether there is a coaching change or not. It’s part of life in dealing with 17 and 18 year old kids who have been made to believe they are the center of the universe since they could play ball.


*hashtag NoInterviewsPlease

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