Deeky Hip

I’m worried

It didn’t look good

No word out yet. He was moving around, granted with a bunch of towels in his shorts.

Looks bad but nothing a steroid shot can’t fix!!

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He looked in pain when trying to cheer his team on but was clearly trying to hide it

Man I hope he’s ok

And can get treatment and drugs

Can they give those in college? Lol

Not sure but if they can they should

We’re probably dealing with massage therapy, blue emu and tylenol on a very basic level.

Kelvin presser didn’t sound good

Just as long as he stays away from the massage therapists from instagram.


ESPN reports he has a hip pointer. I had one in high school. It is a bruise/contusion on the point of the hip bone. From his face and body language on the sidelines he looked like he was in as much pain as I was with mine. He won’t be able to play on Sunday. A steroid shot, if it helps at all, won’t help it heal and when it wears off, he’ll be in worse shape. He needs ice for 48 hours and then heat/whirlpool treatments.

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Good one! :slightly_smiling_face:


as I said in the other thread…he sits out Rutgers unless things get desperate…I don’t see him sitting his last chance to play in that situation.
However, I think Rutgers has an injured big which is a key rebounder. This means white can really step up and make a difference.
Then deeky can rest this week and heal up for sweet 16 and beyond when we will need him


UH posted a video where they post the victory on the bracket and Dejon bent down to put it on. That has to be a good sign. Get well soon Deeky!


Still no Vegas line posted on ESPN, due to injuries I assume.

If not tomorrow should be good by next week

The line has dropped from 9 to 8.5.

Do we have an update on their big? I thought it was something similar to Gorham’s injury

We’ll beat 'em by 20, even w/o Deeky!