Defense against Navy

Any thoughts on defensive adjustments against a heavy running team like Navy?

Our tackling and slowly executing delayed blitzing makes me skeptical how we will defend Navy. Will our secondary be a first down off the ball?

Anyone privy to any expected changes? Have we been working on this since spring as previously done?

We usually play well after getting embarrassed so we will probably have a chance to win.


CMD has been DC against Navy, Army and GT…multiple times each. GT all 5 years at Miami. He is more than familiar with defending it. We need to play assignments and tackle. Navy defense isn’t good against pass…we should score some

That’s part of what I’m hesitant on — playing assignments and tackling :).


Played 4 man front last year.

Big Ed had 11 tackles last year vs Navy.
Also had 11 vs Arizona this year…heavy run team. Let’s hope for another 11

We will line up in the ole formation on defense against Navy :joy:

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Yeah, and Big Ed had what, 1 tackle and 1 assist against Tulane? Two players of 16 with recorded tackles and assists had less. I don’t know what is going on with him; but he hasn’t been playing up to snuff the last few games.


Even Wilson Whitley was not consistent throughout his 4 year career here. After early success, he leveled off and then stepped it up his senior year.

Navy runs every play. He had quiet game vs Tulane last year also. Ed occupies a lot of double teams as a nose guard. He had numerous plays where he got penetration and somebody else got the tackle.

Here’s cut up from CMD Miami defense vs GT 2015…Miami won 38-21

Navy is going to test our left outside linebacker over and over. I wonder if we will
see some changes in positioning and reactions.

Maybe Navy pulls a Willie Fritz and comes out passing since our guys pad the receivers 10 yards EVERY PLAY.


Navy threw it plenty (for them) in 2015 because they couldn’t run on us. They were moderately successful (for them.) We won big though because B Wilson was beast mode at RB for us that day. Ah 2015 memories sniff sniff.

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Yep, Navy put up over 300 yards passing on us in that game. We took them out of their game and it mattered. Defending the TO is not rocket science.

Oliver was being double and triple teamed and was basically being held on every running play. Refs didn’t bother to call holding at all.

Go watch the series at the end of the 1st half where Tulane got it down close to the goalline and ended up having to settle for a field goal. Watch the goalline plays: on one play, Ed was tackled from behind and on the next play, the OL literally put Ed in a headlock and pulled back. Neither was called.

On another note: watch the play before the field goal on that drive where Banks throws it out of bounds. Ball didn’t get back to the line of scrimmage and that should have been an intentional grounding penalty. If it had been called, there would have been a 10 second runoff and the half would have ended without Tulane kicking a field goal. In the end, we lost by 3.

Not saying the refs lost us the game because we got away with a few things and you should score more than 10 points on 4 trips into the red zone, but the poor refs cost didn’t help things.

If its so easy to defend, why are Army, Navy and Georgia Tech ranked 1,2 and 4 in rush yards per game and all average over 5.45 yards per carry?

EO would be even more effective if we would blitz more because he would not get double teamed.

Reference last year.

As good as he has been this year, our scheme takes away from him and thus the entire defense.

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I said the same thing by about intentional grounding, but was told he was outside the tackle box (which he clearly was) so no grounding.

Even outside the tackle box, the ball has to cross the line of scrimmage.

Rule 7-3-2 (h)
The forward passer, to conserve yardage, throws the ball forward into an area where there is no eligible Team A receiver (A.R. 7-3-2:I) [Exception: If the forward passer is or has been outside the tackle box, he may throw the ball so that it crosses or lands beyond the neutral zone or neutral zone extended (Rule 2-19-3) or would have crossed the neutral zone if not touched by Team B. (A.R. 7-3-2:VIII-X) This applies only to the player who controls the snap or the resulting backward pass and does not relinquish possession to another player before throwing the forward pass.]

(Edit). Just watched the play again, LOS is the 6. After Banks throws it, the ball lands about where the 9 yard line would extend out right before the wall. Should have been intentional grounding and forced a 10 second runoff. Tulane shouldn’t have gotten those 3 points.

3 plays earlier was also where the Tulane receiver caught the runner and dragged him forward 3 yards with no call. Next two plays are where Oliver gets tackled and then mauled. They finally called a penalty on the false start at the goalline and then the play that should have been intentional grounding happened.