Defense this fall

With the new additions, I have been thinking about our defense for this fall. I am assuming the latest additions of Latrell Bankston and Tre Williams to the DL and LB corps will shore up things a lot.

I am assuming that since Bankston played in the middle for Iowa St, that he will continue in that role here. We will have Nwanko, Neal, and Charles-Pierre returning and juco Brian Merrit coming in, so I’m not sure how that will shake out or if we will have 2 of them on the field at the same time by having a move to DT for one or more. At DT, we have Atlias Bell and Logan Hall returning, I’m not sure if Taures Payne will return or not.

On the edge, we lose Payton Turner at the Bandit and return Parish, who I am assuming will be starting. I don’t know who will back him up. For DE we have Anenih (who I think is returning, but not sure) and Jones returning.

At the 3 LB positions, we only lose Grant Stuard, which is a big loss for sure. I don’t know who will join the returning players ( Nunnery, Mutin, Carmouche, Stewart, and Moore) in the 2 deep.

All of our 2 deep DB’s are returning and we are adding TT transfer CB Alex Hogan and a frosh whom I think will redshirt. I think we are set in the defensive backfield. With the maturation and additions to the DL and LB’s to stop the run and pressure the QB’s which takes pressure off DB’s, I believe our DB’s will have a great year.

Of course, we may have a RSFR or even a frosh step up and join the rotation in any of the groups. I feel good about our D this fall.


Who is the DL player who opted out?

Terrance Edgeston

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The guy I’m thinking of is Sedrick Williams. Is he still on the team?

I think the big safety from Ole Miss is moving to LB, where i think he could be a dominant player. We are going to improved and pretty good on defense next year.

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deontay anderson! he’s been big for us and I think he might play alot of LB for us

His tackling his been an issue with me. We’ll see

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His tackling should improve once it becomes a focus of his practice work, which was probably not the case playing at safety.