Defensive line also troubled

Yeah all this talk about the offensive line but this defensive line didn’t do its job against the run too in the second half. Case in point is last year’s defensive line would have stuffed the Aztecs (the that played against FSU w/Cook). Really frustrated.

I disagree. The OLB’s did not set the edge and the corners missed some tackles that let Pumphrey free. SDSU did not have much success inside the tackles.


Which defensive line coach made adjustments, which linebacker coach made adjustments, oh that’s right, they were in Austin.


We’ll see next year. Hope they get that straight because if applewhite doesn’t hire some good staff members, coogs gonna be in trouble.

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Wonder if David Gibbs is available.

I’m laughing at the thought the defensive line didn’t do it’s job. The record breaking rushing tandem had maybe one play between the tackles go for more than 3 yards before the 4th quarter.

I think some people just look at the final score and yards allowed and make a conclusion. When the second longest TD drive of the game for your opponent is 28 yards, your defense isn’t the problem.


Defense got worn down. The offense couldn’t move the ball or keep a possession going to really give the defense a break. That’s why SDSU started having so much success running to the outside. We looked tired.


Coogs O in the second half: INT, INT, INT, Punt, TO on downs, TO on downs, TO on downs.

Eventually a D is going to give something up when the O is doing this.


Ward threw 4 INTs. That was the difference.

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Yep. Can’t get stuffed and expect the defense to hold a conference champion and All-American to zilch for four quarters.