Defensive Musings Before the ECU Game

In game three our defense was pathetic vs Kansas. Since then it improved.

During regulation time, and ignoring SMU(the outlier in our performance) our defense has averaged allowing 27 per game. Our Offense scores an average of 36.

The least allowed is 20. The most is 36.

ECU averages in the mid 30’s offensively.

Though not predicting it our defense could hang in there and allow Tune and Company to outscore ECU.

If we can hold ECU to 35 we can win. In other words our normal defensive performance, though poor, could be sufficient.

If Campbell can play our running game picks up. Sneed always is showing excellent RB play. The two of them would be strong, And maybe Henry can contribute. He had a few Carries vs Temple.

We are a 6 point dog. Again, do not predict victory. But our “average” defensive performance could be sufficient.


I predict about the same score and outcome as the SMU game.

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It improved?? 77 pts is improved lol

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That’s not what he said. Reading the post before offering criticism is encouraged.


Sorry lol I just read first paragraph didn’t see the SMU outlier

No worries.

Since Kansas, we have played.

Tulane (3rd string QB)
Memphis - gave up 32
South Florida (playing their backup QB)
SMU - 77 points
Temple - 36 points with a true freshman QB

Our defense has been BAD. Lucked out playing some backups at QB, and still have been BAD.

Last I checked, ECU isn’t playing a backup QB. In fact, their starter is one of the best in the conference.


I’m calling the UH victory right now…

UH - 42
ECU - 27


Ur drunk lol

I’ll take a pic in front of the scoreboard this Saturday after we win… :wink:


I like your spirit Kyle. It would be great to get some kind of win at ECU, beat Tulas, finish 8-4 after a terrible start…


Go Coogs!


This will be a really challenging game. I do not have a lot of faith in our defense after the last 2 games but I think our offense will put up a lot of points. This game probably comes to who wins the turnover battle.

Hou 42 ECU 38


Belk’s defense couldn’t stop a Bluebird troop right now. I don’t expect much from the ‘clipboard guy’ (Dawson) either. It irritates the hell out of me to say that.

What is with one of the defensive coach wearing a green hoodie? Can we get every member of the coaching dressed as one team. Little things but shows right intent and purpose.

Besides sinking their only battleship off the coast of Cyprus in 1974 the Turks had a Hell of a Navy.


Sometimes the coordinator wears a different color shirt so the players can quickly find him to get the defensive signal. If everyone wears the same thing, it’s harder to spot from the field.


You better laugh now.

Along those lines, I have a mint condition WWII French Infantry Rifle…dropped once and never fired…


Somehow I had to complete that twice before I caught it.