Deja vu all over again ? ? ? ??

Colorado State entered the last (as I understand because I did not see it) 4 minutes of their game tonight trailing 30 - 10. Touchdown, onside kick good, touchdown, onside kick fail, receive a punt and with 6 seconds on the clock, Mary was called upon again, tied 30 30 with no time on the clock, extra point is good and CS beats Boise for the very first time 31 - 30 . . . . . sh*t happens to others, too . . . . .


Thanks for this. Yes it does.

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I watched the game until halftime with BU leading. I’ve always liked CSU. I hope we play them again non-conference. It’s a great roadie.


Bet the WVU coach who demanded UH must go for an extra point with no time on the clock was upset.

Of course, all we had to do was line up in a victory formation and kneel the ball.

Bronco fans must be loving their AD…