Deja Vu

USC wants him now not next year if he takes the job.

“Look, I don’t talk to anybody—I barely talk to my own family during the season,” he said Tuesday. “So I wouldn’t ever talk about it, nor would I even answer a phone call or anything like that. … It’s nothing but distractions if people allow it to be, and for us it can’t be.”

I have talked to one of my family members who has talked to my agent. I need my team to not be distracted and not think I am leaving so they can play well and win. If they win, I can up my asking price at USC.

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So Cronin to UCLA & maybe Fickell to USC

I bet Cincy hates LA


Mick Cronin and Chip Kelly are a formidable combo of coaches at UCLA.


No school or coach should be allowed to discuss any job openings until after the National Championship game. As we have seen, it can quickly derail a season and seniors never get that moment back if a coach is flirting with another school mid season. The correct thing to do is shut all job transitions down until after the last CF game is played. It impacts too many people and institutions.


Did Fickell’s eyes twitch when he said he is refusing to talk to USC or any other schools about a job? You know, twitched like Herman’s eyes when he denied meeting with the Bonghorns?

I know one prominent coach that didn’t do that on his way out.

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If not Fickell, nor Franklin, USC would be remiss to pass on Petersen.

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He is proud to be a Bearcat.


Cinci’s screwed. Fickell is gonna play this game just like Herman did. Meanwhile, players will turn in the wind. This sucks.

This sucks for Cinci, hope we play them in the conference championship game.

Fickel was angry as hell about the basketball coach getting fired and the buyouts needed to get rid of cronin and the next coach and not being able to give his coaches more money. He was public with his displeasure over the whole thing. He does not like the AD. I just don’t see him going to USC. He has no geographic connections to the west coast. I could see Michigan as an opportunity after this season. Maybe Nebraska as well. Midwest is where he should land.

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The AD at USC hired Luke at Cinci right?

Mike Bohn. I guess there is a pretty big connection. And USC does not need recruiting inroads locally. He can recruit nationally with their brand, somehow.

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Fickell is about to have a tough season off the field in the media.

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Fickell is not turning down that USC job. He is gone at the end of the season. Rather fortunate it happened this early, the players can adjust and the program can start looking for his replacement.

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Greater Southern California, Greater Houston area, Alabama, Georgia and Miami are recruiting gold mines. They are the very best. I mentioned it earlier USC is in great shape for their next H.C. to get back to the top.

IMO Fickell wants 2 things… #1 To beat Ohio State, #2 To coach at Ohio State.


Good luck with that. That is why agents are sometimes portrayed as snakes !!

It is a free economy.

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