DeJon Injured? Concerned ? ? ??

Anyone else concerned about DJ ? ? ? ? ? Looked to me like he may have been injured while fouling the jump shooter with his face . . . . . Any injury report ? ? ? ? ? And might this been one of the incidents that cause coach to draw a technical ? ? ? ? ?

Was wondering the same. Couldn’t tell if he hit his head on the floor or if something else happened on a play. He did not return to the game and they attended to him on the bench. No more info than that.

Coach said in the post game he knocked his head and he let Deeky decide if he was ready to play again. He made a joke that when he (Coach) knocked heads he just got a bandaid and kept going, so hopefully that means it’s not much to worry about.


He was in front of a player shooting a jump shot. The players elbow caught DJ in the face and put him down. Sat the rest of the game. This immediately preceded a player being pushed out of bounds on a rebound, IMHO, a definite foul, but the official called it a turnover on UH and coach hit the ceiling . . . . . then got tagged with the Technical. Looked to me like at least that one official had the unders and was trying to win his bet . . . . .


That one official was horrible, you are correct. The push out of bounds really got CKS going. I couldn’t see the Deeky incident clearly…thanks for the info! Glad it wasn’t his head hitting the floor.