Dejon Injury Status(Hip Pointer)

A hip pointer is a deep bruise to the ridge of bone on the upper outside of your hip , called the iliac crest. It’s often a result of a direct blow to the hip or a hard fall. Hip pointer symptoms include pain and tenderness. Recovery from the injury usually involves taking a break from activity until it heals.

After reading a little he could be out for 1-3 weeks

That may be a timeline for football, but it seems like a little novacane would do wonders.


No way he sits
Maybe use some sort of local pain killer and some Advil
If he can bear the pain. No way he is going to sit and miss this opp to play in his Last March madness tourney


I think he plays. How effective he’ll be, TBD.

Team needs to step up in the next game so he can sit and rest
If we can win without him then rest him keep him out of practice and by next Friday he may be able to go at a hi level


We need mr. Miyagi


I’ll fly down there and shoot him up.


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I’m not fat I’m just big boned!

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I don’t want him playing injured. We’re bad without him well be bad with him hurt. I wouldn’t want him to risk anything more than that.


Who knows how this will turn out.

Jarreau may return to his former greatness, or

He may return to a fragment of his former self.

If the latter, someone else will have to step up.

If the latter, my guess is Chaney + White.

Points are points. Defense is defense. It doesn’t matter where they come from as long as long as we win.

We won without him, my concern is Grimes. It’ll be tough to win without both Jarreau and Grimes.

I didn’t think Grimes was hurt. He got hit twice but I don’t think it will keep him out of the games. Marcus can run point and so can Mark and Sheid. Win the next game and then we will have a week to see what happens.

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I missed the beginning of the game. How did Jarreau hurt his hip?

Frustrating. It seems like anytime a Houston team is in the playoffs, something like this happens. (Yao, McGrady, CP3)

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Wasn’t overly obvious but think running into a screen


Let’s see how he feels in the morning. We’ll know a lot more tomorrow if it is a serious condition we should be worried about or just sore and something a good night rest can heal.

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Being able to prepare for Rutgers or Clemson without Jerreau, UH should still win. Hopefully With a week of rest Jerreau can play in sweet 16 game

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Grimes took a beating. He may be OK, but a beating is a beating.

Cobra Kai beating.

Hope he is at full strength for the next game.

He was in an ice bath either today or yesterday. Will probably be more of the same these next two days

What make hip pointers so tricky is there are so many muscles that attach to to the hip. So the contusion is one thing but then all the muscles that connect to the “crest”! Don’t think he will sleep very good tonight!

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