Dejon Jarreau Highlights, Leader of the Final 4 Coogs

so lamelo has dunked on people over 100 times in his 1 year in the nbl and half a season in the NBA??? … or are you considering the Lavar ball league tougher competition?? between the nba and nbl he has probably dunked on someone (while they were contesting) maybe 3 times total … lamelo bigggest question mark coming in (beside the terrible nbl 3pt%) was he lacked physicality and how he was known to avoid contact …now you are saying he could handle physicality over dejon, when that will be seen as one of dejons biggest strength …your take is bad, really bad

I’m not a NBA draft guy or GM, but IMO Jarreau should hang his hat on defense. He is an elite defender. He has great anticipation, long strides, and stickiness…he gets on his man and sticks to him like super glue. Most important, he has heart and “want to” … he wants to defend and shut his man down. He played his ass off for our Coogs and I love the kid’s effort and will to win. I hope he gets a shot to live his dream. I’m rooting for him!


Yes… that’s why he’s rookie of the year :joy::joy: and not going 3/10 in a final four game. Please stop messaging me. I know you are obsessed with getting the last word. But I don’t care to debate you on something this silly. Have a good night.

again being great at many things doesnt make you great at everything…if i say quentin grimes is a better shooter than Giannis, im not saying grimes is a better player… your entire premise is based on lamelo being an overall better player, when no one is denying that… well yes, lamelo was the #3 pick what does that have to do with this point, youve literally added nothing to support your point at all, because its a dumb take … also putting laughing emojis on stupid takes, doesn’t make it any less dumb

Ok Pesik :joy::joy: Deeky winning rookie of the year next year book it. Go to sleep stop messaging me please lol

again… better at one specific skillset is not syaing “dejon is better at everything”…your entire response is nonsensical …and you keep going back to that dumb point… no one is saying dejon is a better overall player or even a lock for a draft pick…we are talking 1 skill set…

edit: let me add these :joy::joy: so i can seem obnoxious too

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Deeky is not a better finisher than Lemelo by any stretch of the imagination. This is by far your worse take. If Lemelo was playing in the AAC right now you would never in your life say something that naive lol. You would be calling Lemelo an elite finisher.

lamelo avoids contact… and you dont understand the difference between college and the NBA…NBA has elite spacing, while college doesnt, You will not see packed zones in the NBA… it’s actually easier to get open layups in the pros if you can beat your initial defender off the dribble…nate scored more off the dribble in the nba (per possesion) than he did at UH… Dejon was known for elite 1 on 1 as a sophomore, because teams wouldnt play help (afraid of armoni and corey)…as a junior we were the 4th most zoned team in the nation, dejon rarely ever got 1 on1 …
this is one of the biggest reasons i think dejon can thrive in the NBA, he will be getting lots of true 1 on 1s…

if your wording was who was more efficient in the post, and included lamelo passing to others as an option, lamelo is better… but you are strictly talking as finisher, lamelo doesnt even try… you put a shot blocker on him he will draw the defender to then pass…right now 1 on1, elite shot blocker vs lamelo/dejon… going up for a layup (no step back shots, or midrange floaters allowed) im taking dejon…

I’m not reading that. Like I said agree to disagree. Have a good night

Pesik, you need help. I’m not kidding. You’ve got to let things go.

You’re arguing with someone about his opinion. Think about that.


technically he is arguing with my opinion. he called me out about a point i had not the other way around. but sure

sidenote how come whenever im defending a UH player why i am the issue… not the person degrading the uh player

i note there are many nba players with similar scouting reports like dejon, so dejon could find a place in the nba; lamelo and ja morant (tall elite passing PG, who had bad shooting reputations before they went pro)…
them: " theres not a single aspect of basketball dejon is better than those players :joy: :joy: :joy: " in a thread about dejon in a houston forum… because obviously lamelo is known for defense and physicality

but me refuting that is the issue

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