Delay of Games: Should there be a plan b?

Wht do other universities do if they are delayed 4 to 5 hours?

The games get played. Contracts were signed to play. Everyone is already there. Plan B is play the game.


What if the weather conditions had persisted for a few more hours and it’s already the next day ?
Sure everyone is there, but there must be some rule that covers these situations. Maybe a mutual
agreement from both sides to postpone or reschedule ?

Wouldn’t hurt for contingencies to be in place to play the game the next day.

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Tulsa and Oklahoma State kicked off past midnight a couple years ago. That’s not a dealbreaker.

The AL in MLB had a rule that no inning could start after 2am local time. I am not sure if there is such a rule in AAC or NCAA football but it needs to be known one way or another. Its kinda dumb to have people sitting around and not getting any news one way or another for 5 hours like yesterday.

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Okay, did not know that. But for fun of it , what if it’s not 8 minutes after midnight, but 8 hours after
midnight ? At some point human demand for sleep becomes unavoidable.

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