Dell to return punts

Not sure if i should post videos from Cougar Digest youtube but he has clips up from camp. Good stuff to check out.
Dell says he plans to take over punt return duties. Still plans to catch 100 passes too. Love the attitude I’m hearing from the players. Sounds like he has the engine to get it done, even mentions coaches have asked him to take plays off


I’m cool with him at PR would rather not have him at KR


Agree, PR is perfect for him. We can find someone else for kicks.

How about Joseph Manjack?

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Check out Andy’s pawd slama jama from the other day. Dell talks about that and much more.

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Here is the clip, bunch of videos from this week are up,


I’d like to see Sneed there. Manjack is not really a KR guy.

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I don’t want him returning any kicks. Doesn’t have the body fit it and he is too valuable at wide receiver.


Not to sound too harsh but he’s not really particularly good at KR anyway.

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He is ?

Tyrion Carrier.

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When this was discussed long ago I suggested that Dell may be the guy mainly because of experience……but some of the local yahoos on the board couldn’t wait to tell me how stupid it was and that CDH would not make that move….

Guessing no one is gonna fess up to that one huh?


Sawyer will probably be the one who returns kicks.


Well it wasn’t me but no reason to call any one out and to be so dramatic.