Dematrius Davis

Auburn QB, Dematrius Davis from North Shore, has entered the transfer portal. Duarte is reporting that Houston is in consideration and he could be our QB to lead us into the BIG12 after Tune departs !


I don’t think he’s saying UH is formally in consideration though I would assume we are, but I think he’s just saying it’s a possible landing spot.

You could say the same thing about any other university that gave him an offer


Is this the QB we played against in our Bowl game?


No. This is not him.


Looks like Davis is coming home.


Haha. Ya might as well be the first to report in case he does. :grin::smile:. I like it.

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I don’t think Duarte would make the statement that Houston is in consideration unless it was the case.

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If he’s the best guy . . . But he is 5’10 and couldn’t beat out TJ Finley, who looked pretty mediocre against us in the bowl game. But he would just be a freshman, so he could get a lot better.


i think Duarte is just noting him in the portal becuase he is the most prolific quarterback to come out of the houston area the last 4 years

for those unaware: he is the winnest QB in texas high school football history (at 51-3) & 2 state titles, and did this at the highest division in texas football, he had 4500yds and 60 total tds his senior year and was the great houston player of the year

would be classified as redshirt freshman next year-- other noteables is that he is only 5’10 (i know that creates drama here)

I think Duarte is just noting the qb that has a case for “the greatest houston area HS qb ever” has gone in the portal, while the university of houston is looking for a QB of the future. not that he is coming here, or that we are even recruiting him


The qb from the bowl game was TJ Finley who is current getting most of the 1st team reps at Auburn and presumably will remain the incumbent

TJ Finley. LSU then Auburn.

Let me know when I need to go to my Sources.

Where’s Pat Sullivan on this list. Bluebonnet Bowl 1969. I was there as a 10 yr old. :grinning:


Who can give me a Scouting report on this young lad. Was he run first or throw first in HS. Does he have Greg Ward potential.

a more accomplished d’eriq king, and thats saying alot since d’eriq was very accomplished… but pretty similar scouting reports for both

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Except that his team was stacked with talent. Idk

He might prove me a liar but I saw him more of a running type player with great wheels.
Pretty sure he didn’t have a cannon for an arm but was adequate and had great skilled folks around him at North Shore.
But Thank goodness Holgy knows a lot more about quarterbacks than most of us


The problem is that neither King or Ward fit Holgy’s offense. But I will say that even though Davis is not Dan Marino he is a better passer than King or Ward at this stage of his career