Demolition of ERP 9B for the expansion of the Petroleum Engineering Department

One of the many construction projects at ERP includes a renovation of building 9B. The Cullen College of Engineering (CCoE), Department of Petroleum Engineering is ready to accommodate the mass enrollment of students with an expansion to ERP. This project will entail two new teaching labs, a 50-seat computer lab, a 254-seat auditorium, and a 70 seat classroom. This space will also include new faculty offices and spaces available for graduate students. With the intent to hire more faculty, this advancement allows undergraduate students work in an expanded environment.

This project includes a demolition of the existing 9B building which is scheduled to happen this summer. 9B is currently a wood structure facility attached to 9A. Utilities supporting both sections of the building will be rerouted. Originally an electrical shop, 9B is a 24,700 square feet, 1 story structure. An accomplishment for this project was the ability to reuse the existing foundation, which was a significant hurdle at the start of the project. The objective is to leave as much undisturbed soil as possible. Once construction is complete, 9B will connect seamlessly to 9A and be referred to as Building 9.

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That might suck for scheduling classes on the main part of campus if the classes you need are only at adjacent times.