Denver Harris in Portal Again

From North Shore to A&M to LSU to ? Harris was not with LSU the last 5 games of the season for undisclosed reasons. Appears to be a troubled young man.

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Tired of watching local 5 star studs go away to college at A&M or LSU or elsewhere and get into trouble and throw away their future. Ed Oliver literally gave the perfect blue print. Stay home, work your butt off, become a star early on for your city and get drafted high 1st round and make millions. It’s not just this Harris guy. It’s also others like Demond Demas. Not everyone is meant or ready to leave home at 18 and go to a place where money, women, drugs, alcohol and what not are all around you.


Nothing is going to stop them from going to SEC


Now with NIL they are chasing the big bag and most times its their families pushing them to do it.


They’ve always chased the big bag.


It’s not about leaving home, it’s about the people they surround themselves with that’s including family. These young men listen to ppl that tell them how great they are going to be and how they can help but most are only in it if it benefits them. They are told as early as flag football how they are going to be the next great whomever. Some coaches turn the other way when they see or hear about things that they shouldn’t be doing. They get away with a lot of things and when held accountable, they don’t have the tools to fix it or understand it. I don’t know this young man’s story but I’ve seen plenty that fall to this issues. True guidance is key for young ppl to be successful in this world and some kids just don’t get that guidance. It’s unfortunate


Unfortunately they could have stayed home and gotten in trouble the same way.


Take a chance on him. Maybe CWF gets through to him and get a LOCKDOWN corner out of it. If not, send him on his way. Come home Denver Harris, come home!


Never know when someone might steal a jacket.


UH has a new coach without an established culture and no clear player leaders to hold other players accountable. Hopefully, that will emerge in the Spring, but right now, the roster is not even set.

All that to say I do not think UH would be a good place for Denver Harris at this moment. It may be in the future, with what we think CWF is building.


So you’re saying no enforcers

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I’m biased… (obviously)

but he was a good kid at NS and I think would do well here, I’d welcome the talent


At LSU he was targeted in his few starts.
Worst secondary at LSU in memory & still benched.
In his defense. He is a press guy and they had him hanging back.

Harris w Cuse & Marshall DBs they brought in were awful as a unit.
All are gone.

HARD PASS. Fritz doesn’t seem the type to rehab problem children- at least not until he establishes his CULTURE. This guy should go Prime.



I’m not familiar with him, what kind of problems has he had off the field?

Gotta know his background - it’s out there but let’s just say his advice comes from folks who did the same things in college

He was told to get away but took the A&M bag - college station is not kind to urban folks and never fit in

Went to lsu on bad advice and fit in better but stil a head case

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Can you imagine being from a different environment and going to that treeless penal colony in College Station?

I’d go mad and commit crimes, too. Hell, I’d testify in front of a select senate committee about cult behavior.

There were these men dressed like milkmen from “Leave it to Beaver” and they waved their hands around like Dennis Hopper and then they spoke in tongues and a hundred thousand followers grabbed there genitals and…(crying)…give me just a moment”


An ‘undisclosed locker room incident’ @ ATM then another ‘incident’ @ LSU. If it’s publicized, it is probably 10% of the poop he’s been up to. NO THANKS

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LMAO!! Thanks! Made my day!

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