Depth Chart

I’ve seen one on Ourlads, but have not seen one released by the program. Anyone out there have an update?

What I’ve learnt under Dana is that the depth chart doesn’t mean anything until the actual game. Maybe someone can predict it.

I love our whole roster. Only question I see is at QB.

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I can take a crack at it, the ourlads was right for the most part just had some MASSIVE misses lol

This is the Ourlads 2 deep

Offense Player 1 Player 2
WR-X 13 Singleton, Jeremy RS JR 84 McGowan, Cole RS SR
WR-Y 12 Street, Ke’Andre RS FR 89 Eichenberger, Parker RS JR
WR-H 1 Smith, Bryson RS JR 83 Sawyer, Peyton RS SO
WR-Z 1 Dell, Nathaniel RS SO/TR 30 Herslow, Jake GR/TR
LT 76 Paul, Patrick RS FR 74 Unije, Reuben RS SO/TR
LG 73 Johnson, Cam’Ron RS FR 71 Banes, Max RS SO
OC 65 Russey, Kody GR/TR 75 Freeman, Jack RS SO
RG 72 Jenkins, Tank RS SO/TR 53 Bowman, Derek FR
RT 64 Bardwell, Dennis SR 70 Boatman, Jordan RS JR
TE-F 85 Trahan, Christian JR 80 Goodson, Dekalen RS SO
QB 3 Tune, Clayton JR 14 Ogbogu, Ike RS JR
RB 34 Car, Mulbah RS SR 8 Smith, Chandler RS SR
Defense Player 1 Player 2
DE 12 Anenih, David SR 44 Jones, D’Anthony RS JR/TR
NT 99 Charles-Pierre, Olivier SR/TR 56 Bankston, Latrell JR/TR
DT 92 Hall, Logan JR 93 Bell, Atlias RS JR/TR
BANDI 0 Parish, Derek RS JR 96 Ceaser, Nelson RS FR
WILL 2 Anderson, Deontay RS SR/TR 14 Nunnery, Mannie RS FR
MIKE 3 Mutin, Donavan JR 24 Robinson, Malik RS JR/TR
SAM 9 Stewart, JoVanni GR/TR 27 Willis-Dalton, Amaud RS JR
CB 8 Jones, Marcus RS JR/TR 39 Lewis, Shaun RS JR
FS 32 Owens, Gervarrius JR/TR 28 Mwaniki, Thabo RS JR/TR
BS 5 Hypolite, Hasaan RS SO/TR 21 Sprewell, Gleson RS JR/TR
CB 6 Williams, Damarion SR/TR 23 Green, Art JR/TR
NB 16 Rogers, Jayce JR/TR 25 Small, D.J. RS JR
PT 22 Wilkins, Laine FR 47 Witherspoon, Dalton RS SR/TR
PK 47 Witherspoon, Dalton RS SR/TR 51 Ramsey, Kyle SO
KO 41 Baxa, Bubba JR/TR 51 Ramsey, Kyle SO
LS 57 Gately, Gavin SO/TR 56 Garza, Jacob FR
H 22 Wilkins, Laine FR
PR 8 Jones, Marcus RS JR/TR 6 Williams, Damarion SR/TR
KR 8 Jones, Marcus RS JR/TR 6 Williams, Damarion SR/TR

They don’t match an article on 247 Sports.


our receiver transfers, who are really good, arent even listed…

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Rb position is DEEP.

I love Street at,WR.

Damn… Bankston ain’t even starting on this depth chart. Our D Line just got A lot stronger, too with the addition of our freshman star last season.

quite a few left field ones on offense

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Ourlads is usually not very accurate

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I’m thinking they pulled a bunch of crap out of their butt on this one.

If this is true, good to see that Sawyer, Eichenberger and Nunnery all worked themselves into the 2 deep


Yes. Peyton Sawyer and Derek played little league football together on the same team and I’d love to see him really shine.


I always thought Peyton really never got much of a chance last couple yrs. Saw him play in H.S. couple times…very good hands. Hoping he sees the field more this season.

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He was also a state champion in track in HS. I want to say 400m hurdles.


He’s one yr behind Derek or they in same classification?

Year behind Derek

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Ok that’s what I thought. Ty.

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UHfootballDepthChart.pdf (118.5 KB)
I gave it my best shot, used Ourlads format but tried to make it more accurate based on Robs predictions and what the coaches have said. WRs were difficult we don’t really know the rotation. I didn’t go too deep into the depth chart, mostly first and second teams. So I know I probably missed some guys.

Banes will be at G

That’s cool to know. That’s a very difficult race in a very difficult state to win it.

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