D'Eriq King: The Future

I’ve been singing this guy’s praises for a while now, but I’m going to do it again. I won’t be at all surprised if King is starting at QB for us next year, but even if not, he’s going to be a difference maker wherever he plays. Just like Big Ed, this kid gets it and has bought in. Never mind the fact he’s one of the best athletes I’ve ever seen coming out of high school. The future is bright indeed!


I think he’s the future, but IMHO Kyle Allen may be the go to guy, at least initially, next year. Either way we’ll have studs at QB.

You can tell just by looking at him when he lines up in the backfield next to Ward that he’s a QB. His stature has a striking similarity to Andre Ware.

King has been amazing to watch, especially as a true freshman. Out of the back field in almost the same formations he gets better gains than Catalon. I could be wrong but it just seems that way. he can hit that corner, and just bust upfield. I haven’t seen Catalon really do that.

As a QB, well. He seems smaller than Ward, but I have not compared measurables. The offense would look quite different with King or Allen at the helm. It seems Allen is more the passer while King would be best as a running threat with the zone read.

I agree that King has bought in and is a real difference maker on the field and I am looking to see a few more years of production from him.

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I knew he had speed, he always torched my high schools defense when he was at marvel, but I didn’t realize it until at the Lamar game he scrambled out of the pocket blazed up the field for about 5 yards, he looks legitimately faster than ward and probably Catalon too I honestly can’t wait to see him takeover at quarterback, it’ll be like having ward back but kings passing is already developed so his platform from which to start is much higher. We’re set at QB for a good long while folks.

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I don’t know if he is faster than Ward but he reaches top speed faster.

Similar stature to Andre Ware…except 4 inches shorter, you mean?

Ha! I hadn’t looked up his height, but yah. When he lines up next to Ward I thought he looked taller with broader shoulders. Nevermind; I recant. Though I don’t think he looks like he runs a 4.69 40 either. But what do I know?

Some guys don’t slow down much in pads.

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