D'Eriq King

for Heisman


This man had 500+ yards, 6 TDs, 0 Int

Let’s not forget the 3 dropped passes that all should been TDs

King could have easily dropped 700 yards on Arizona had he not been pulled

Also, he’s only a junior


Him and Stevenson are lethal


If we go undefeated he and Ed are in the conversation.


They will still get shafted. But it will highlight how messed up the P/G school system is.


I kept hearing this referenced in the gamethread. Didn’t catch the game until after 24-0. What kind of drops were they… Defended where the WR could’ve made a play or actually wide open drops?

He played a great game, but Marquez had one of the worst drops you will ever see early. Had 3 steps on his guy, ball just beautifully thrown had both hands and his chest on the ball and just lost it after the first step.

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If we could have actually caught more of the long balls we could have scored 40+ in the first half.


They were just drops. @dansatjr already mentioned the one for Marquez (we have him an ovation afterwards for the effort). He had it in his hands and just lost it. I think Corbin had one that would have been a TD in the first half; not as bad, but should have been caught. Broker had one over the middle that would have gone for a long gain; I’ll give him credit though as it was tipped slightly before reaching him.



Put it like this: All drops would have been BIG GAINS with 3 being potential TDs if they were caught. King put the ball where all could have been caught by the receivers…two were on target but appeared if we had Vincent Marshall or Carrier or one of our speedy receivers from the past…they would have marched in easy! I noticed that when King was playing WR and Greg Ward played on a couple of plays together (King’s freshman year)…King’s balls were actually sharper than Greg Ward’s…

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The young man looked very sharp today. Lots of poise in the pocket and very accurate. Outstanding performance.


Look at it this way, King looked great. Now if we can get his receivers to catch great then there is no stopping us.
Go Coogs!


bingo! King is the real deal…if receivers catch up…NEW YEARS 6, here we come!!!


That one drive right before the end of the 1st quarter (up 21-0) when we went for the jugular twice in a row was the most excited I have felt on offense since the Case Keenum days. King put 2 perfect balls on his receivers. Lark couldn’t get his left hand free of the DB, but almost made an incredible 1 handed catch. Stevenson just inexplicably dropped his. It happens to the best sometimes. But the fact that we have the speed to run right past DBs, a QB with great accuracy down field and exploiting both for all they’re worth is something we haven’t seen in a while and I was giddy watching it.


He’s played exceptionally well and matured a lot. He’s not looking to run first thing and is going through his reads. Really impressed overall and should have had another long TD. He throws a really sweet and catchable deep ball.

I believe he’s a better passer than Ward. The last touchdown he threw ( think it was the last one) where he was running left and threw it on the run to a WR running away from him was sweet. That’s an insanely hard ball to throw with touch.


He absolutely is. Ward was incredibly smart with the ball and knew his arm strength limitations, which made him really good. Ward was also a better runner than King. King is so confident throwing the ball and has much better arm strength than Greg did. King’s ability to drop the deep ball on his WRs in stride is something Ward was never all that good at. Although, in his defense, Ward didn’t have many blazing fast WRs to work with, so there weren’t many opportunities where our WRs took the top off a defense. But on the rare occasion they did, they often had to slow down or come back to make the catch from Ward.

All that to say, Ward was a very special QB in his own right, but King is going to be an absolute stud over the next 2 years in this offense.


I like that too! Let’s put the hammer on teams when we can. That’s our statement!

I am second to none in my admiration for Ward but I agree – King is a better passer. Like Ward, he can also hang six on a defense with his legs if they fall asleep on him. Pretty quick.

I said during the game the receivers saw they could just run past AZ secondary all day and got a little too excited that every pass could mean 6, resulting in some drops. Good problem to have.
When we are up 21+ on a P5 team, the fans don’t have much to complain about.