DeSantis To Name Disney world

As Florida’s new leper colony

Not to turn this into a political brawl, but I think we should be prepared for more exotic diseases as more and more exotic people pour over the border.


The world is smaller due to air travel and commerce.

You think there’s a correlation between border crossers and measles increase?

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That, and the fact that there are more people refusing to take long-time reliable vaccines.

I’ve heard there’s a climate change component as well. Warming climates and longer warm seasons allow greater spread of vectors like mosquitoes and ticks, for example.

Fear not Florida, Desantis and his surgeon general have promptly recommended a strict regimen of prayer, leeches, and a Haitian chicken sacrifice. None of those silly “antibiotic” witchcrafts.


Perhaps. Do mosquitos and ticks spread leprosy?

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You can count on more and more chicken sacrifices, but DeSantis won’t be the reason.

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Well he was more of the prayer guy. Either way guaranteed hokum. And since it seems to centralized in white trash central Florida, I’m going to say your current theory doesn’t apply


Measels was eliminated in North and South America by 2016 (2000 in the US) (elimination doesn’t mean zero cases just very rare).

Outbreaks in the US are mostly tied to unvaccinated US travelers going abroad and bringing it back where it spreads to other unvaccinated people in the US.

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No idea but you mentioned exotic diseases, and those are carried by mosquitoes.

What or whose theory are you referring to?

Why is this political post allowed?


You really have to reach to find politics in this one.

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90210 is mad he didnt bring up immigrants poisoning this country first…oh wait, where is he from? 90210, if the shoe fits, then flag it. Am I right?

Right he missed his shot at the “more exotic disease from exotic people”
His reaction when he saw Twain’s comment

Which leprosy isn’t exactly novel or exotic by any stretch. It was rare. But hey we let measles come back, might as well let them all stage a comeback tour.



You don’t know sh— about central florida

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