Detroit hires Hinch

I really wanted him and Luhnow back. They paid their penalty, if other teams can hire Hinch, why couldn’t the Stros? Dusty isn’t the answer, good short term, but Hinch could have stayed a long time.


I wonder the same and I feel the same about Dusty as well. Why would another club be able to sign him and not the Astros??? What a harsh punishment to get rid of a guy just so he could go to another team!

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Hinch says he was against the cheating program, but he was unable to stop it. Did he lose control of the locker room, or was he lying?

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Lying, IMO. Lots of ways to get compliance, e.g., fines, playing time, media, etc.

Worst case scenario, he goes to the GM and asks the GM and the owner to back him in a strong way.

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Redsox rehire Alex Cora. But we couldn’t rehire Hinch.

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The Astros could have brought both Hinch and Luhnow back for the 2021 season if they pleased. The suspensions for botth were for 2020 set by MLB. It was Astros owner Jim Crane’s decision to fire both…Not MLB.

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At this point I think its the players that don’t trust Hinch. He should have just kept saying he didn’t know about any cheating.

He was unable or unwilling to take the next step? He smashed a TV and lectured them, but never did more afterwards. He couldn’t take additional steps or chose not to? That’s on him as the leader. It could’ve all been stopped by him and the sadly pathetic part to the entire scandal - it didn’t even help the team. What a quintessential Houston sports tragedy.

Luhnow is a a lying schmuck and is doubling down with his lawsuit hoping to settle.

Banging a trash can lid.


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