Diagnostic potential of smartphones

Diagnostic Potential Of Smartphones Remains A Work In Progress, Experts Say

KHN Share to FacebookShare to Twitter (1/17, Norman) reports smartphones “are being repurposed and commercialized for quick access to information needed for monitoring patient health,” but their use “as diagnostic tools remains a work in progress.” While “doctors and their patients have found some real-world success in deploying the phone as a medical device, the overall potential remains unfulfilled and uncertain.” KHN adds, “Eager companies and researchers are tapping into phones’ built-in cameras and light sensors; microphones; accelerometers, which detect body movements; gyroscopes; and even speakers.” These “apps then use artificial intelligence software to analyze the collected sights and sounds to create an easy connection between” providers and patients.

Interesting and maybe a little scary also. I don’t know if I want all my health info out there in the cloud for the insurance companies and anyone else to see.