Did Anybody See This Coming?

See it coming?

Come on, we all seen it coming.

A lifetime of hope at the begining of a season only to come crashing down.

We have come to live with football disappointments.

But we continue to hope for next year, we move on, our motto is “In Time” at UH, our time will come.

Today, there is no joy in Mudville, mighty Casey has struck out.

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Oline is always a concern for me and losing McCaskill was a huge blow. Its also safe to say those 2 NFL CB’s we lost erased a lot of mistakes last year.

Saw it coming.

Didn’t buy off-season hype.

But if it makes you feel better I still feel betrayed.

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I expected it. I’ve seen Kansas play their first game. We just need to suck it up and hope for the best for the next games.

Unfortunately this is true. I was astonished our backs did as well as they did today. Sumlin had a good Oline coach he picked up from SHSU. I think he was with us two seasons if I’m not mistaken. That cat had our guys releasing Big Simms and Beall like a particle accelerator. Then the next year I think we got Hayes. And he ran through holes like a fire-breathing greyhound. Those guys opened the hatches. Either way, it can be done here. But this ain’t it.

Say what you want about Summie but he built a staff that could compete here. His kicking game was straight out of Mario Bros. though.

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TBH I wasn’t expecting much but was hopeful. If you looked at our recruiting the last couple of seasons, we’ve been pretty mediocre. It was a matter of time that our strength of schedule revealed our weak talent and shitty coaching.


Nope. I thought this was the year for us and thought we had one of the best teams in years.


Did Anybody See This Coming? Yes, but not right away. I was wilfully blind. I didn’t want to believe that we were so bad. I had enjoyed drinking a six pack of pre-season cool aid which was garnished with a pre-season top 25 national ranking at #24. It was yummy although I was well aware that preseason rankings are largely a combination of the usual suspects and BS.

Then the season began and I went to our game against UTSA in San Antonio. We won. And it was a triple OT road win against a quality opponent. Yet, our “reward” for beating UTSA was dropping to #25 in the poll. I felt slighly disquieted by that.

Then we lost to Texas Tech on the road. And not only did we drop out of the top 25 but we did not receive a single vote. I don’t ever recall a team that lost a game and fell out of the national rankings but yet didn’t still receive a least some votes. But, we got zero votes. - And that is when I began to see what others were then seeing when they looked at the current UH football team. It is not a pretty picture.

The way we struggled against UTSA was the clue. They are not that good this year. The TTU game was the final clue that we will be mediocre to average this season and nothing more.

CDH is simply not a coach who adjusts. That has always been one of his weak spots, and it is really glaring here.

So like I’ve said, this reminds me of 2014 so much. If we are lucky we can recover and get a bowl game victory.

I should note that in 2014 CTL did one thing that I have yet to see CDH do: he benched the starting QB (JOK) for the backup (GW) to give us a spark. It worked great, so well in fact that he remained the starting QB for two seasons and was the QB for our best season ever!

Maybe CDH will do the same, but he just seems very stubborn. So I am not holding my breath.

For the sake of the program, I wanted to buy into the hype but just could not do it. Holgerson’s teams always have looked unprepared and undisciplined. Last year, the strategy seemed to be ball control and out-talent the competition. We were able to do that for 12 wins against an easy schedule. It’s the same this year, but thus far the schedule has been harder.

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I do think we lost the heart of our defense last year. But our contingency plan looks desperate. Both teams were equal on 3rd down % yesterday. The difference was they averaged 2 more yard (per rush) than us. And their QB averaged the same per rush inside the 20 as outside. Like one former coach said on here yesterday. Find the guy killing you and throw the kitchen sink at him. If he beats you another way then fine. We never threw the kitchen sink. Coach Belk just kept rotating the same sets in. I’m worried about our ability to adjust. Coach Belk isn’t lost like Jamie Bryant (Levine) but he’s showing the tendencies of Skladany (Sumlin). Skladany had a hard time adjusting at halftime. Rarely did he do it. And most worrisome Coach Belk is showing inclinations of D’nofrio (Apple). Poor hand tackling and acres of real estate before your safeties corral the runner. Lets hope he figures it out.

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Watching the Cougar Walk I thought “oh no”. The team looked flat and showed no emotion at all. The only real emotion I saw yesterday was frustration.

Some coaches make adjustments. Some quickly, some slowly. Kansas, both O and D, made their adjustments quickly. UH, on the other hand, made their adjustments very, very slowly . . . . .

holgerson is stubborn and stuck in his ways… he has a definition in his mind of what winning looks like and will not abnadon it…
look at the utsa game, we didnt start passing heavilly till the 4th quarter when it was obvious that the run game wasnt working and were getting passing yard but he just kept trying to force it

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I didn’t foresee Kansas beating us this badly.

It could be because a) we are worse than expected, b) Kansas is better than expected, or c) both.

I hope it’s “b.”

I’ve consumed so much pre season football expectation kool aid that I’m forced to check myself into a kool aid rehab center. I hope Medicare will cover the cost.

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That one guy from CBS apparently did lol