Did anyone fall for this?

As if I need to ask.

  • In short: Of more than 2 million tweets containing “low credibility” content posted in 2020, a majority came from just 1,000 accounts.
  • A new research study has said 10 “superspreaders” are responsible for more than 34 per cent of the content posted.
  • What’s next? X owner Elon Musk is facing increased pressure to moderate content and stem misinformation on the platform.

While I don’t condone misinformation and hate the fact that the most radical of radicals gain a large voice which then perpetuates, I would much rather have it that way instead of corporate media controlling how everyone should think and feel


Most media is controlled by corporations.

yes which is exactly why they hate X and TikTok

You do realize that X and TikTok are corporations and still have influence through their policies and through their algorithms. Just like Facebook and Instagram.


Wow…speaking of “superspreaders” this post modified the quote from the article, removing “Republicans” from being super spreaders.

I mean…the irony and hubris…

Here’s the actual article quote: “Notable, this group includes the official accounts of both the Democratic and Republican parties … as well as @DonaldTrumpJr…”

Of the 10 “superspreaders” I’m sure at least four post on this website’s politics board.