Did Ed Oliver play against Tulane last year?

I don’t remember but I didn’t think he did.

No he didn’t suit up. EO didn’t play after the Navy game and Tulane was the 2nd to last game. But he was doing flips and other antics before the game if that would count.

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No because that means we blew outTulane last year wo Ed and most of our defense. So now I think we roll these guys this year as well.

Ed didnt play the whole game King didnt play a whole half and we beat them pretty good. Our overall most impressive performance of the year next to USF and maybe Zona when you factor in quality of opponent IMO. We were all kinds of banged up we were using a DB at RB and the game was hardly ever in doubt. Very gritty performance.

Maybe if Ed got in CMA’s face at halftime every game he didn’t play we would have won the West and 10 games. Infighting really seemed to get the team going.

He didn’t. The Tulane game was the jacketgate game.

We were short at RB that game too. Stuard got carries. Carr dominated though so it didn’t hurt us much.

I thought that was a dream you had