Did this team exceed your expectations

With all the talk of who needs to transfer out, how bad our bigs are. Just wondering which of you will admit this roster blew away your expectations?
We did pretty good for a team without a player over 6’8. We did pretty good without an iso scorer. We did pretty good without any 5 stars. We did pretty good with Ramon Walker and Mylik Wilson.


We moved to the Big 12
We definitively showed we could compete in the Big 12
We won the Big 12 regular season title
We got a 1 seed in the tournament

For what was supposed to be a transition year and maybe a rough one, that’s absolutely smashing expectations.


Exceeded my expectations for the Big 12 even though it was probably a little overrated this year and didn’t really surprise me much in the tourney good year

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Put me in the expectations exceeded category, but never forget we had a Shead. For our team he was better than any 5*, 6’8"+, or iso scorer would have been. His presence made all the individual parts work at maximal efficiency.

Next year we probably don’t have a Shead.


Definitely exceeded. We lost two 1st rounders and a key piece.


exceeded - we won the big 12 and made the sweet 16 - more banners to hang.

if we had zero injuries and got to play with our full roster, I have no doubt we win the Big12 Tournament and are still playing in the NCAA.


Sampson’s teams always exceed my expectations. Absolutely legendary.


We had a great year but the expectation, at this stage in our revival, is a Championship or bust.

We underachieved.

Yes, it is a lofty expectation but its a complement that we are in Astros like Championship or Bust golden era.

We need to build more depth and find a way to FINISH this thing!


I loved the B12 battles and bragging rights from beating our in state enemies. I enjoyed this season and love this year’s team. Wish we were still playing but it was a blast the ENTIRE season for me.


I don’t think we underachieved. I don’t understand that. But I never thought the expectation of a national championship should have been put on this team.


Anything less than a Final Four is underachieving. Expectations should be raised by now. But I will honestly say that I didn’t expect this team to make a deep run this year. On paper, they were not a better team than our 2022 or 2023 teams coming into the season. After seeing how well they played in conference play, of course my expectations became much higher…


We HAD the Big 12 POY and a finalist for College Basketball POY plus we paid to bring Cryer over, with NC experience

A championship from here moving forward is the ONLY expectation to gauge Success/Failure


Injuries and depth are given obstacles. …every team deals wirh them

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Yes in more then one ways. Even with the full team at the start of the season, we were going to be 3rd on 2nd at best in the big 12 conference. We then lost folks and then our expectation should have been diminished but we ended up winning Big 12 regular season with only 3 losses That was amazing. Of course now with a higher expectation we wanted to go to final four but the loss of our mvp curtailed that.


Using that logic you should be CEO of your company and breaking the all-time high in stock performance. I’m assuming you’ve had more than four years on the job.




After Sasser and Jarace left I didn’t see us getting another 1 seed this year

As for the tourney, hopefully we get better injury luck next year

Overall better than expected


Regular season: Very much exceeded expectations. Great season

Post Season: Met expectations if not a little falling short. I always expect the sweet 16 under Sampson. Then just luck and matchups come into play where it’s a bit out of the team’s and coaches control.


It depends on the starting point. End of last year? Definitely. Beginning of year? About what I expected.

Before injuries after season got going? Negative. But no one can sustain what we did this year and get further than the sweet sixteen. I don’t care who you are.


if your expectations in any sport is to win the playoff/tournament championship you will always be disappointed.


Hard to say. I expected Elite 8 or more which I’m confident we would have beat Duke with Shead all game. I give the season an A but it ended with another ‘coulda woulda shoulda’ in the post season.