Did this team exceed your expectations

I mean… if the team was healthy, sure. But fortune wasn’t on our side

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But fortune wasn’t on our side

God to UH basketball: No mercy!

Hey, we can always go back to mediocrity and then everyone becomes numb. Enjoy the success. Else you never know when we will get a whiff of this in future.

And that is based on what?


This is why they call us Cougar High.

This would all be great except for the fact that CKS has been a college HC for 40 years!!

This is not his first rodeo but it is his last.

The more appropriate comparison would be Jim Boeheim, who made it to several final fours and a few finals before finally winning the chip. How did he do it? Two words: Carmelo Anthony

Honestly, we just need to get lucky and hope that one of these recruits we get can be our Carmelo Anthony. I thought it was Jarace, but sadly it wasn’t.

Boeheim should be a lesson to CKS for another reason: Boeheim admitted that he coached Anthony differently than his usual recruits because he knew he was special. By different I mean he cut him a bunch of slack and played favorites.

Reality is, if we want to win, we are either going to have to have a group of really good players with very good talent and pray for no injuries, or, a singular, generational player that can carry us. Coaches know those guys when they see them. Guy V knew what he had when he saw Dream. Boeheim knew what he had when he saw Carmelo, and Coach K knew what he had when he saw Grant Hill. Who knows, maybe Mercy Miller is that guy?