Did you see how Wisconsin Beat the Tar out of Michigan

Wisconsin was up 28-0 over Michigan at half … remained me of U of H at Tulane… but excellent Defense by Wisconsin and totally dominate running and passions games and awesome OL blocking was key to stomping…, only last few minutes of game and referees help let Michigan back in game… looks like Jim Harbaugh was once again out coached… Army beat Michigan but didn’t win…

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Sitting here watching with a few big 10 buddies and it was amazing!

This is going to be Harbaugh’s last year at Michigan at this rate

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Will this be Harbaugh last season?
Look at Michigan’s history:

Yes you have to go back to 1997 for National success.
While Michigan fans want instant success they might want to stay with Harbaugh. Be careful for what you wish for.

Wisconsin is going to challenge OSU for Big 10 title. They looked unstoppable today.

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